Survey shows 25% of Americans are ‘skipping medical treatment’ because of costs

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The Republican Party has not had a single idea on how to provide affordable and worthwhile health care to Americans in decades. The Democratic Party pushed through a compromised healthcare platform under President Barack Obama, and since that time has been trying to defend its dismantling, instead of being allowed to move forward to create the system that the majority of Americans would prefer—something resembling a Medicare-for-all healthcare system.
The reasons Americans, liberal and conservative alike, want a more socialized medical infrastructure is because the private sector’s greed has become untenable for almost everyone. Drug prices continue to skyrocket, premiums rise, and what is covered and not covered by more modest insurance programs leaves much to be desired. Last year, Americans borrowed $88,000,000,000 to cover medical expenses.

A new survey conducted by Gallup and healthcare nonprofit West Health reports that even though 45% of respondents reporting fears of bankruptcy if a major health event strikes, 1 in 4 [are] skipping a medical treatment due to costs.” One of the interesting venn diagrams in the data is that while 67% of Republicans believe we have the best “among the best” quality health care in the world, compared to only 38% of Democrats polled, everyone agrees that our system costs way too much (76%). Other findings from the report include:

•    When given the choice between a freeze in healthcare costs for the next five years or a 10% increase in household income, 61% of Americans report that their preference is a freeze in costs.
•    77% of Americans are concerned rising costs will significantly damage the U.S. economy.
•    76% expect their costs for healthcare will increase even further in the next two years.
•    15 million Americans have deferred purchasing prescription drugs in the past year due to cost.
•    Nearly 3 million borrowed $10,000 or more to pay for healthcare in the past year.
•    Only about one-third report that doctors discuss costs with them in advance of procedures, tests or treatment plans, or for medicine required to treat their conditions.

Any chances of ameliorating these conditions have been put on hold as the Republican Party, still controlling the Senate and the Executive Branch, are unwilling to bite the big money hand that feeds them. So when you see that the overwhelming majority of Republicans think Donald Trump is handling his job, ask yourself one question—

What do you think Republicans believe the president’s job is?

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