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Well, you gotta give it to Trump, at least his economic plan seems to be working. Just look at the shitload of money the government is saving by not having to pay all of those pesky west wing staffers. And unlike Harry Truman, the buck doesn’t stop here, it’s being spread all around.

It has been widely rumored for months now that the coming of the new year would  bring a general exodus of staffers from the White house. Not necessarily top ticket names like McMaster or Kelly, but the day to day staff that actually hold the place together. But the general feeling was that it would be staffers dealing with the Presidential daily grind that would be leaving.

But it appears that the damage is spreading. CNN is reporting exclusively that two top, close Mike Pence staffers have flown the coop. Mark Paoletta was Mike Pence’s chief counsel, his top lawyer, the guy that Pence routinely went to for guidance on any legal issues. Paoletta supposedly had a major role in the Neil Gorshuch selection to the Supreme Court. Paoletta goes so far back with Pence that he served as an outside counsel when Pence was back in the US House.

Daris Meeks was Pence’s director of domestic policy, having had a big paw into things like the healthcare legislation effort, as well as the tax package. Meeks also goes all the way back, having been a congressional aide to Pence when he was in the House, and also assisted on the Trump-Pence campaign in 2016.

This is intriguing news. Don’t try to tell me that they are leaving in protest of the way that Trump treats Pence. His Lowness has been cuffing Pence around since day one, up to and including the stories that Trump desperately tried to pull the plug on the Pence VP pick, only to be told that it was too late, the advance pick “leaks” had already gone out. They’ve had 18 months to get mightily offended at their boss’s treatment, but they choose now? Why?

Meeks is said to be going back to the private sector, probably behind a counter with a paper hat on his head at the local DQ if a White House referral is the jewel on his resume. There was no reporting on what Paoletta is going to do next, but his departure is striking,since if there’s one thing Mike Pence needs right now, it’s all the legal help he can get.

I have said from the start that Mike Pence was full of shit. All of that “Aw, shucks!”, blue jeans coeralls, piece of straw hanging from his mouth bit makes Gomer Pyle look like a Harvard PhD. A man that guileless couldn’t get elected to wash car windshields at the Stop-n-Suds in Mayberry, much less the US House of Representatives. Pence has done everything in his power to stay under the radar, especially on Trump-Russia. So, why all of a sudden are two of his top, longest serving staffers taking a hike?

Watch Pence. His story doesn’t add up, and never has. Sally Yates had already gone to the White House to advise Trump, through Mcgahn that Flynn had lied to the FBI. Why would Pence believe a word out of Flynn’s traitorous mouth, much less parrot him? And, if in fact Pence knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI when he made the Sunday morning circuit to peddle his crap, Mike Flynn singing like a canary may be putting Pence in more jeopardy than is apparent in current news coverage.

Why these two, and why now? It’s not like Pence has been in the news lately. In fact, exactly the opposite, Pence is starting to resemble the “invisible Bush” character in GB Trudeau’s Doonesbury comic strip. Why are two of Pence’s most loyal, longest serving advisers suddenly running like kids going past a graveyard at midnight? I don’t know, but somehow I get the feeling that we may be hearing a lot more about Mike Pence in the coming weeks, and little of it good for him.

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