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Joe Scarborough prefaced his latest genius idea by saying, “Viewers aren’t gonna like this.” He was right. Joe is worried that, in COVID-19 bill number three, IMPOTUS has been denied any of the $500 billion that McConnell wanted to give to Trump and Mnuchin to secure his reign of terror in the Senate beyond January next year.

Joe is afraid that IMPOTUS will pitch a hissy fit and do mean things since he can’t use the money to quench his insatiable appetite for wealth, now that his hotels are failing. Joe thinks the president must be appeased or he’ll do awful things.

Guess what, Joe? As a mother who has dealt with toddlers, I know that the best way to ensure their bad behavior will continue is to give into their demands when they’re threatening a tantrum. The way to stop their bad behavior is to ignore the tantrum. Realizing that the IMPOTUS has infinitely more power to do harm than my toddlers ever did, I would still submit that the president will behave horribly whether he gets the money or not. Therefore, he should not get the money.

Joe also said that it’s just not fair to the president that his businesses aren’t treated the way any business-on-the-street is being treated. Claire McCaskill agreed with him on this point because, well, of course she did. She’s Claire McCaskill.

Well, let’s see. is it fair that Trump hasn’t put all his businesses into blind trusts? Is it fair that he routes military planes way out of  their way to Scotland for refueling while shoring up his loser property there? Is it fair that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Philippines get foreign policy treatment that makes absolutely no sense in comparison to other countries until you factor in that Trump has property interests there?

The IMPOTUS will continue to abuse his office to personally profit for as long as he holds it. There is no reason to let him get his gubby paws on one cent of the $500 billion that we need to be smartly directed into the business economy in order to skirt unfathomable disaster.

As you can see, Joe was right in his prediction that viewers would disagree with him, at least when it comes to this author/viewer. I had decided not to diary this, but then, BUT THEN, Joe just couldn’t let his ego take a rest and instead, when he was speaking with Senator Schumer about the bill, Joe raised the question with Schumer, and not only did he raise it, he actually ARGUED with Chuck Schumer about how the president really should have access to the money. Schumer finally shut it down, thank heavens, by telling Joe they’d just have to agree to disagree.

Maybe I’m projecting, but I thought Schumer looked thoroughly disgusted with Joe.

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  1. This the same Joe who criticized Washington fans for booing Trump at a Nationals World Series game?

    Best take all his opinions with a huge grain of salt.

  2. I think Joe’s a BIG BABY himself, has to have it his way. Tired of watching him talk and not letting anybody else say anything, kind of reminds you of someone uh?

  3. Joe’s an idiot. trump & family have been grifting their way through this national nightmare & they want unfettered access to billions more. He’s not charging the Secret Service $600/night at bedbug-lago paid by taxpayers, so the tremendous loss needs to be made up by taxpayers too. And Joe thinks this is just fine because we don’t want trump to get upset & act mean and do things like, well, I don’t know, perhaps withhold access to thousands of ventilators while people are dropping like flies in New York? No wouldn’t want him to get mean would we.


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