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Support for stricter gun control laws is opening up a lead over the opposition one mass shooting at a time. Or, when they come as close together as El Paso and Dayton and Gilroy, two or three mass shootings at a time.

Civiqs survey data shows a tie into 2016, with support for stricter laws taking the lead between the Charleston shooting and the San Bernadino shooting. Orlando’s Pulse nightclub shooting widened the gap between support and opposition. Then Las Vegas. The Parkland shooting and the activism of its teen survivors created a major spike, going from 52% in favor and 41% opposed to 60% in favor and 33% opposed. While that spike eroded significantly after a few weeks, the gap between support for and opposition to stricter gun control laws has mostly stayed above that pre-Parkland level—which had already been a significant change over two years, and in particular was still elevated post-Las Vegas.

Now, in the wake of Gilroy and El Paso and Dayton, the margin of support is opening up again. It now stands at 55% in favor and 38% opposed, a 17-point margin.

Many polls show even stronger support for specific policies like universal background checks.

But how many more mass shootings will it take for the lines in this graph to get far enough apart that even Mitch McConnell can’t ignore it?

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  1. Anyone willing to keep trump in the White House is even worse than trump himself, complacency isn’t an excuse to allow this to continue and that’s exactly what the house is doing right now they’re elated in allowing trump mitch and Republicans to not only rollback on protections for minorities but also create a racist and xenophobic narrative causing such bloodshed and loss but again just look at dems track record since 2018 all I can say is did we really vote in more trump yes men kinda like a democratic rino dem in name only.

  2. Does anyone expect Trump to withstand the directions from his buddy Wayne ??!
    ..No way , Trump will cave in to the NRA , after being threatened by Wayne LaPu .
    .., And he will not allow a vote on background checks.as usual he’s lied again so , watch and see how he wheedle’s out of what he said .
    Now he trying to shift the dialogue to the ..American Jews.LOL ( as lots of luck )with that .
    You may not like them , but they remember Hitler, and their “never again “now means “never Trump “again!!


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