The Young Turks / YouTube White House Golfing Makes Trump More...
The Young Turks / YouTube

Donald Trump spent his Sunday morning ruminating on Twitter about the past few days and brought up, yet again, his “Witch Hunt” paranoia (really, are there movie rights to this out there or something?) and blaming everyone else about, well, everything.  So, what does every (un)reasonable leader do in a time when he, his staff and possibly his country, are becoming completely unhinged?

Spends the day playing golf, of course.

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  1. Mz tRump-grabber-at-will, will soon feel the wrath of his peoples he “theoretically leads, protects and keeps safe”. Emphasis by me on what he won’t and can’t do due to his mental state and severe narcissistic disorder.
    If he had a working brain (which he does NOT and never had), he’d shut up, go home, forget twitter, forget his problems (something we all know he can do), and just have all the sheets he like golden showered for the rest of is existence.
    I have to wonder about his blood pressure and heart health because, as a Type A phony, he must be encroaching on heart attacks and brain bleeds for a man of his age, but still he lives on. The little golden bass turd can’t even die like he’s supposed to, which is why I never want to see him at any white-clothed type of Prison, but one where he is forced to actually break rocks etc., or whatever they do nowadays.
    So, that leaves it to us, WE the people, to take his GOP in hand, and decimate both of them until they are gone, out of sight, out of mind. The whole GOP is SO engrossed in Communism and Russian Controllers, which has been growing for the last 30 years or more, and including a similarly controlled NRA, that they must be removed from our government by WE the people! Every Primary, every vote from now to Nov 6 2018 and even the 2020 Midterms and presidential elections respectively, needs to be cleansed from our culture and from our government! The GOP has taken our country away from us and it is no longer ours! BUT, if we never vote for another Republican in either house, and vote straight Democrat instead in those same situations, then we can easily turn the tide and retake our country from the GOP, the NRA, and every semblence of Communism, which is an easy task to accomplish as long as the people come out in historically high numbers to vote Democrat!
    We would then see the GOP disappear and be replaced by another party with goals of government if, by and FOR the people! Personally I like the Independents but there are other viable parties I could live with also. As long as it is a gvt of, by and FOR the people, we will have won and successfully taken our government back!

    Please, even if you haven’t voted in years, please get out and vote Dem now, and over the next few years we’ll again have a 2 party system and reap those benefits, the ones which made us great in the past and can make us great again NOW!



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