Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee looked like they were heading down a familiar partisan path.  They tried various lines of hostile questioning on Judge Brown-Jackson, the nominee whose qualifications they had to evaluate.

Sen. Lindsay Graham hit her with being too liberal to Guantanamo detainees that she had as clients in her role as Public Defender.

Sen Graham also asked her about what her faith was.  Apparently, he also asked President Trump the same question, and will publish the answer in a forthcoming book once he knows it is politically safe to speak publicly about it.  

Sen Hawley argued very skillfully that the nominee that Brown Jackson was soft on child pornographers .

Not to be outdone, Sen Ted Cruz whipped out the CRT talking points and the horror of wrongly accused racist babies with amazing graphics.

All afternoon, it appeared these Republicans were headed down a familiar path, headed towards a partisan vote against this nominee.  

And then, she spoke the following words, admittedly completely out of context:

“Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.”

A hush came over the Committee room.  Sen Graham was seen wiping away actual tears.

Within minutes, all the Republicans decided to suspend the hearings and simply vote the nominee in after that eloquent, heartfelt explanation of her drinking habits.

Observers of the Supreme Court said it was the most stunning reversal in history, opining that this kind of beer-friendly testimony could well point the way to how other liberal Democratic nominees for the court could impress entrenched conservatives on the Judiciary Committee and in the US Senate.

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  1. The insane hypocrisy of these tools is sickening. Right is wrong, projection projection. If someone has a main theme to their talking points ie; child pornography, voter fraud, CRT, it may be their weakness. The GQP is a threat to democracy and freedom. They capture weak minded people with fear and lies.


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