Students demanding action on gun laws release moving video reminding everyone why we must vote

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Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement to end the unacceptable gun violence that affects millions of children every year in the United States. A new video campaign by the organization, using pop music star Sia’s “I’m Still Here,” was released last week. The video shows a child going into a school and being handed a balloon by other students who are promoting a student election. The balloon pops, and across the entire school, everyone goes dead quiet. The pause hangs in the air until one by one, children begin dancing.

Holding up the balloons to reclaim their childhood
The video begins melancholy and desperate, single students emotionally moving, while other students stand or sit frozen among empty spaces where once fellow students lived alongside them. As the song continues, more and more students join in the movement, literally and figuratively building triumphantly, as they reclaim the balloons as the joyous items of the childhood they should be living.
The Students Demand Action website has everything from tools to organize students in your area to sign-ups to help get out the vote for pro-gun-safety candidates. A quote from the page says it all.

“What happened in Parkland could happen in any school, and that’s exactly why students have to lead this conversation…It is clear that no one is safe from gun violence. If adults cannot get this done, we will.”

-Julia S.
Jenkintown, PA

Find out how you can get out the vote in your area by heading over here and entering your zip code.

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