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Students scammed by for-profit colleges whose business model was fraud will finally get the debt relief the Obama administration put into motion and the Trump administration tried to block. The Betsy DeVos-led Education Department said it would stop trying to delay the student debt relief rule after a federal judge ordered it implemented immediately.

Attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia successfully sued DeVos last year over her decision to block the rule, known as Borrower Defense to Repayment, from taking effect.
The judge sided with the states last month, but implementation of the debt-relief rule was delayed pending Tuesday’s decision in the separate lawsuit brought by an industry group.

This is a good win—a really good win—but it’s also a reminder of how many judges Donald Trump has put on the federal bench to rule in future such cases pitting people like broke students against companies like the for-profit colleges that cheated them.

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