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Politics has rules, right? I mean, everybody agree with that? Then tell me one thing. Why have we spent the last 2.5 years talking almost incessantly about how Donald Trump is “breaking all the rules”?

Rules are important. And according to “the rules”, if you break a rule, you pay a penalty. That’s why everybody is so flummoxed, The Tangerine Tantrum keeps breaking rules, but never seems to pay a price. But, unless you’re incredibly stupid, you don’t get caught every time, it’s the law of averages that catches up with you. Trump is not stupid. He tested the waters by breaking the rule in his candidacy announcement speech. He got away with that because nobody took an ass clown like him seriously, and he’s been breaking rules ever since. But sooner or later, your luck runs out on you, and I think we’re finally seeing it start to catch up to His Lowness now.

I occasionally get grief in comments to my articles that I am too optimistic in my assessments. I am by nature a cheerful pessimist. I normally expect the worst in a 50-50 situation, but I’ve lived long enough to know that there’s always something worse than “the worst.” And here’s how I see it.

Like almost everything in life, politics has rules. But rules only get you so far. And most people try to live and work within the rules. But as important as rules are, when people make a decision, there is something even more important than the rules that they consider. And that is self interest.

The Republicans have put up with a lot of shit from Trump, mainly because he won, and they saw him as a wheelbarrow to carry their heavy load of dreams over the finish line. They were ready to forgive him his transgressions as far as “the rules” were concerned for only one reason. Because it was in their own self interest to protect him to get what they wanted.

But, every single day backing Trump is becoming less and less beneficial to their self interest. Here’s one example. Trump totally mucked up healthcare, a 7 year wet dream for the GOP, right? Bullshit. They wrote the bill, and Trump would have signed it. But when people found out what it meant, they screamed so loud that the GOP incumbents finally figured out that passing this thing might end up costing them their phony baloney jobs. So just enough sane GOP Senators acted sanely to save them from destruction.And with taxes, even though they know it will kill them with their constituents, once again, they are acting in their own self interest, because without contributions from deep pocket donors, they have no chance anyway. Their self interest decided which constituency was most important to them. Why do you think Bob Corker voted against it? He doesn’t need donations, he’s not running again.

This is exactly why I keep saying tht the era of Trump is coming to an end, and not by electoral defeat. Because defending Trump is, or shortly will be, no longer in their own best interest. First of all, they only supported him because he was supposed to blithely sign whatever self serving shit that they passed, only they can’t pass anything. What do they need him for, except for a nice big, Day Glo scapegoat? And even worse, they can no longer stick their heads in the sand on Russia. They could get away with that when it was just a “witch hunt”, but now, with indictments and criminal guilty pleas, it’s a serious criminal matter. 

And he can’t fire Bob Mueller either, we the people won’t let him do it and survive. We got rid of Nixon, and that was for some lousy domestic dirty tricks. Here, we’re talking about an adversarial foreign government hand picking a compliant sock puppet to be President. Firing Mueller would be both obstruction of justice, and abuse of power, both impeachable offenses. And if they don’t begin impeachment proceedings, they will have to at the very least pass a law reinstating the independant Special Prosecutor, and hire Bob Mueller back again. If they don’t, the only election they can win next November is Scumbag of the Year.

So yes, rules are important. But as these situations develop, Try to look at them as if you were an incumbent Republican member of congress. I know, it’s hard if you’re a card carrying human being, but try. The next time the shit hits the fan, try asking yourself, what decision will get me re-elected? Because I can guarantee you that that’s what they,re asking themselves. hile Presidents may come and go, if you play your cards right, being a congresscritter can be a lifetime gig. Just stop being such a dick around women, willya?

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