Stormy Daniels To Michael Cohen: ‘I’ll loan you some of my balls.’

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Michael Cohen cancelled his February 7 congressional testimony, citing threats as recent as this week from Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani as the reason. Stormy Daniels isn’t having any of it.

Now, it has been opined that maybe this is a tactical decision made by Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, to sweeten the charges of obstruction of justice and witness tampering, against Donald Trump. Could be. Another theory is that Cohen is being paid off. Could be. The irony to bear in mind is that Daniels wasn’t afraid to testify in the face of threats, and Cohen was instrumental in putting her in that position.

Political theater is always entertaining, but in the Age of Trump, it’s political three ring circus. In the center ring is the government shutdown, State of the Union drama, with Trump Russia to one side, and impeachment on the other — and all the characters overlap. Never a dull moment.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

Bring on the Clown Circus Fire Drill and strike up wth band with “Thunder and Blazes”!!!!!!!