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For almost two years now, the media and his opponents have pointed out to anybody who will listen that while he may survive and even thrive on slamming and humiliating his opponents, there is one person that he won’t say a bad word about. And that person is named Vladimir. Well, move over Vlad the Imp. Just think of Stormy Daniels as Vladimir Putin with much better legs.

Donald Trump has spent his entire adult life manipulating the media to his advantage, and using the law as a cudgel against his myriad of opponents and detractors. And yet here he is, getting his ass handed to him publicly, running like hell from a woman who only a few years ago he was chasing around instead. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

It really doesn’t matter what actually happens in a legal sense from here on out. Stormy Daniels has won, and pitched a shutout in doing it. She’s the media equivalent of UMBC beating Virginia by 20 last weekend in March Madness.

Look at what she’s done. She can’t even talk about her affair with Trump due to the disputed Non Disclosure Agreement, but simply by bringing up the existence of the agreement, thanks to Trump’s legal Barney Fife, Michael Cohen, and the way it was packaged, she has made the affair a foregone conclusion. If “a picture is worth 1000 words,” then Daniels just published the Encyclopedia Brittanica with that image of herself strapped to a lie detector machine. Her Lawyer is perfect for the role, never sensationalizing, but stoking the media fires by tossing out ten gallon teasers giving the appearance that he’s reading from the Gobbler’s Knob phone book.

And they’re not letting up either. Her lawyer just loudly demanded that the Trump organization preserve any and all documents dealing with the non disclosure agreement, stating that there are undeniable links between the Trump organization and the NDA. Trump doesn’t dare to open his mouth, and by throwing out the as yet unproven accusation of physical threats against his client, they have Michael Cohen afraid to even give a dirty look at her picture on TV.

the master manipulator of the media has been bent over the knee and spanked soundly. Trump has universal name recognition, and yet he’s gotten schooled in the media by a lawyer nobody has ever heard of, and a woman whose chosen profession is viewed with distaste by many. And what should be a pesky little distraction for the White House is instead being treated like the Mueller investigation, with all press inquiries being referred to Trump’s outside counsel. And Trump himself sits there, as silent as a tomb, which is actually a pretty accurate simile, since he’s being buried alive by this media onslaught.

This is important simply because it begins a daisy chain. Forget about Karen McDougal and Summer Zervos for a moment. Zervos is suing for defamation, based on Trump’s public comments about her, and McDougal is suing the parent company of the National Enquirer, not Trump. And remember, Trump’s name didn’t even appear in the original NDA, Cohen interjected Trump, and then he interjected himself.

But the point is that Trump stifles these controversies by intimidation. And Stormy Daniels has proven that not only can you stand up to that intimidation and be believed, but done properly, you can turn the intimidation on Trump and Cohen. Does anybody really doubt that there are more women out there being gagged by NDA’s? What did Steve Bannon say in Fire and Fury, “What were there, like 100 of them, and Cohen took care of them all.” Every new suit that will be filed will only bring more scorn on Trump, but more importantly, every one that is allowed to proceed only increases the opportunities for discovery, with personal and company documents being required to be turned over to the plaintiffs, and Trump being deposed on video, and all playing out in open court eventually.

An adult movie actress is doing the previously unimaginable, she is in the process of turning Donald Trump into a laughingstock. And with Trump’s history with women, I have a hard time believing that she’s the only one who is going to want her pound of flesh. Let the games begin.

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