This is a short diary but I am fucking pissed with the ongoing carnage and fucking furious with the ongoing shitty media coverage, the generic words of our Democratic leaders, and the generic words of anyone in front of a fucking camera.

Say the fucking word “Republican”. In his moving rant, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy did not once say the fucking word “Republican” and lay the blame for lack of action at their feet. Nope. He said “we” 50 times as if Democrats are as much to blame for the lack of action on the gun issue.   

I watch two hours of Chris Hayes on MSNBC last night and he too danced around saying the word Republican. He implied Republican by saying, “One party wants to do something about guns the other does not” a dozen different ways as if EVERYONE knows. Same thing with nearly every one of his guests wringing their hands using a bunch of generic speak. Only one Democratic guest actually CALLED OUT THE FUCKING REPUBLICANS by name.

The American people need the repetition of THIS IS THE FAULT OF THE REPUBLICANS beaten into the fucking heads so there is zero question about the differences between our two parties.  



Say it right. Say their fucking name, Republican. 

Stop with the weak-ass generic speak, “Americans have a gun problem.”

No. It is Republicans who have a gun problem. Republicans accept this carnage. Republicans refuse to join Democrats to pass common sense legislation. 

It is not “we”. It is not “Americans”. It is not “Congress”. It is not “Government”. It is not “our leaders need to do something”. No. Knock it the fuck off. 

This is 100% the fault of Republicans at every level of Government and it is long past time to take off the fucking gloves and rub their fucking faces in their blood-soaked mess. 

Thursday, May 26, 2022 · 4:54:59 AM +00:00 · Liberal in a Red State

1.) Thank you for the support and the righteous outrage over the true “American carnage” of gun violence and mass murders that for decades have been enabled and emboldened by the Republican party in every fucking seat they hold in Government.

2.) I edited the title of my diary to remove the “U” from the word fucking. I appreciate the gracious moderators who have allowed this diary to stand despite my pissed off potty-mouth.  

3,) Please, for the love of our democracy and humanity continue to push for stronger framing and more direct, assertive speech from Democrats and the media. Words matter even when they are omitted. When WE omit them, we, be it intentionally or not, give Republicans “air cover” and “take the heat away” from their deadly culpability.

4.) Say the word “Republican” the adjective that is the truth. Do not dilute or diminish or dismiss the simple truth that this gun crisis, these mass murders are 100% on the Republicans. 


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  1. You are 100% correct! Say the word REPUBLICAN every time you must refer to their carnage of or country and all the evil laws they are enacting!!! I say the word REPUBLICANS EVERY TIME and it is 100% their fault for all the mass casualties and then some…
    The SAVE the FETUS but we are all OKAY if you STARVE and KILL the child party IS:
    100% REPUBLICANS!!!


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