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Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace are a couple of my favorite never Trumpers.  They’ve taken the extra step not just to view Trump as a danger to our democracy but to attack Republicans and the right wing propaganda machine for their treasonous treachery.

Starting at 32:20 to 33:45 is some of the most remarkable attacks on the FOX propaganda network I’ve ever seen.  Listen to Wallace at the very end when she quickly says FOX will have blood on their hands.  How is it that these two Republicans understand the danger we are in, and the responsibility of FOX propaganda in firing up their zombie army of ignorance to betray their country and the principles of democracy, and too many Democrats are still in the “my esteemed colleagues” mode of years ago as if we aren’t under attack from Republican fascists? 


So far the only Democrat I’ve heard come right out and say that firing Mueller is an impeachable offense, is Ted Lieu, and as far as I’m concerned that makes him the leader of the resistance in congress.  We can’t afford to have Democrats who bring knives to gun fights, this is FAR too serious and we need real fighters.  And we in the resistance have to step up our language as well.  Terms like treason, traitors, fascists need to be screamed so the vast majority of Americans who aren’t paying attention will get the message that this is serious, and so the few Republicans in the Senate who can make all the difference know we will be pounding on their office doors, screaming “TREASON” at them at the top of our lungs, and blocking their paths to and from their offices.

It’s beginning to look like Trump will fire Mueller some time during the holidays when people won’t feel like taking to the streets.  Be ready!  The only organization that I know of that is preparing is If you know of others please post them and I’ll move them up into this blog.


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