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Steve Schmidt, as usual, understands well the party he left.

2. were stealing his entitlement.  He fell in line behind his avenger, a dime store Mussolini who assaults the institutions of our country, divides the American people, demagogues every issue, emboldens white supremacists and lies thousands of times a year.

3. They were not lies though. Objective reality crumbled in his mind. What was true was what his leader believed or said. That was enough. It was he , that the billion dollar anger and propaganda industry was targeting. When Gingrich smirked into the camera that it was all about

4. Kavanaugh and the Caravan it was the Sayocs of the world he was talking to.  Trump ignited a passion in him to serve. He decided to be a soldier and a terrorist and strike back against the enemies, criminals and saboteurs who were stealing America.  They were Trumps enemies

5. And so they were his. He would strike at the traitors, the enemies  of the people. Trump winked at the violence. He knew Trump was right. There were good people on both sides in Charlottesville. The country was soon to be invaded by the Caravan .  He decided to become

6.  An assasin. He would do what had to  be done to enemies of the people. He would kill them by mailing bombs to them. All of them. All of Trumps enemies. He launched a massive assassination plot and tried to kill 2 former Presidents and many more. It was not enough

7.  For him to drive around in his van festooned with images of Trump anymore. He heard the message .  Trump incites and inflames. He is a tribal chief at war. He is as illiberal as he is vile, corrupt and inept. He created the dystopian alternate reality where this loser lived.

This is reality.

Why is it that some of these never Trumpers, and now X-GOPers, see the danger our democracy faces while so many of our great Democrats are still treating Republicans like they’re just the opposing party in a two party democracy?  When will our Democrat friends start using words like “assassin”, “terrorists”, and the one I’ve been using for months, fascists?

How many bombs must be mailed, how many tiki torch parades do we have to watch, how many babies must be stripped from their mothers before we start acting like the danger is coming from inside the country?

A true patriot in America today will get out and vote to end the threat.  Anyone who votes for a Republican in less than two weeks, or sits home in their cloud of ignorance, is willfully enabling everything that is happening to our country.


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