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You know, for most of my life I had never even heard the name Steve Mnuchin. Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of the housing implosion, he exploded into the news as the Daddy Whorebucks who defrauded thousands of his mortgage customers from their homes with palsied paper trails. And then Trump named him the Treasury Secretary, so he could fly to Fort Knox on the taxpayers nickel, and roll around naked on the gold while his wife claps her elbow length glove clad hands together and screams “YIPPPPPEEEEE!” Not my kind of guy, until I discovered that he was the executive producer of “Going in Style,” Which I consider one of the funniest movies of all time. So, now I wish him nothing worse than severe genital warts.

But Steve Mnuchin proved this morning that not only is he a sneaky, conniving, underhanded son of a bitch, he’s a stupid one as well. He was on Meet The Press with Chuckles Todd this morning, and Chuckles asked him what he thought of Trump’s incessant name calling. At the rally in PA last night, His Lowness referred to CA Representative Maxine Waters as “A low IQ individual.” Todd also had a personal interest in the answer, since Trumpenstein also called Todd “A sleeping son of a bitch” from the podium. According to the report in Politico, Mnuchin has more tolerance for kindergarten name calling than he has for tardy mortgage payments;

“I’ve been with the president and at campaigns. You know, he likes to put names on people,” the Treasury secretary said. “He did that through the entire presidential election, including all of the Republicans that he beat. … These are campaign rally issues.”

“Oh, Look! Isn’t widdle Donnie cute?!? He’s eating worms again!” While it doesn’t surprise me that yet another brainless Trombie sycophant enables Trump’s childish behavior, I was kind of surprised at Mnuchin’s tunnel vision when it came to the recipients of Trump’s name calling. Mnuchin stopped at noting that Trump had branded nearly all of his 2016 GOP opponents with cute little sobriquets.

But Super Steve-O is ignoring the fact that Trump doesn’t just reserve his insulting nicknames for his political opponents, he free wheels them off on his supporters too. In less that 15 months, Trump has already called his then FBI Director a “cray guy,” and a “Total nut job,” and now he refers to his current Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “Mr Magoo.” What do you think will happen if Mnuchin’s name just happens to come up the next time Trump is in a really shitty mood?

“Let’s hear it for my Treasury Secretary, “Scrawny” Stevie Mnuchin! Look at this guy. He’s had so much sand kicked on him that if he lies down at the beach, he’s invisible!”

“Now, I want to introduce my Treasury Secretary, “Stupid” Steve Mnuchin. What a winner this guy is. He’s the only Treasury Secretary in US history to sign $100 bills with an ‘X’.”

“Come on folks, let’s hear it for “Squinty” Steve Mnuchin. Look at those glasses of his. Hey, Steve! haven’t you heard? Coke uses really thin plastic for their bottles now, you oughta check it out.”

OK, I’ll admit it, I have something new to look forward to now. I’m dreaming of the day when Steve Mnuchin just happens to be standing in close proximity the next time Glorious Bleater is pissed off about something. We’ll see how cute he’ll think Trump’s nicknames are then. Loser.

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