Steve King gets duped into calling himself a white supremacist

Mandatory Credit: Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9707997a) Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, an outspoken conservative on immigration, chairs a House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice hearing on the Trump Administration's plan to add citizenship questions to the 2020 census, on Capitol Hill in Washington EPA Pruitt, Washington, USA - 08 Jun 2018

White supremacist Rep. Steve King had a bad Fourth of July on Twitter. King managed to get owned twice by different people getting him to respond or retweet them, both of whom then changed their Twitter names to drag King. And the first one did it by getting King to give a shout out to a fictional villain.

The Young Turks Ken Klippenstein tweeted at King asking “Sir, can I get a retweet for my uncle Col. Nathan Jessup, he’s in the Marines and spending the 4th overseas keeping our nation safe.” Klippenstein made it really easy for King to realize that “my uncle Col. Nathan Jessup” was in fact the Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men by including a picture of Nicholson in the movie. It wasn’t subtle, but apparently it was too subtle for King, who retweeted with the response “Colonel Jessup and all your Marines: God Bless you all. You have our back and millions of us have yours! God Bless America and all her warriors defending Liberty! SK”

Klippenstein then changed his display name on Twitter to “Steve King is a white supremacist.”

King later responded to another Twitter user who went on to change his name to “Steve King drinks pee pee,” an allegation which remains unproven, unlike Klippenstein’s.

Steve King RTs message about a fictional Marine and then gets called a white supremacist.
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Johnnie Dorman
Johnnie Dorman

Just like TRump, King is a phony patriot that never misses an opportunity to prove himself so. A real nineteenth century throwback that has no businesses in today’s U.S. government.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Doesn’t Iowa know just how disgraceful and stupid he is. Especially since he is supposed to represent them.