Steve King Finally Self Immolates, Loses Republican Primary In Iowa


This is an encouraging sign. Nine term Iowa congressman Steve King, who spoke of drug dealers with “calves the size of cantaloupes, running drugs across the Mexican border” and how there “were 100 of them for every valedictorian” has finally done himself in. The man was the poster child for divisive, racist rhetoric. He will not be running for Congress this year and most likely his political career is done. That is good news. King has been talking white supremacist drivel for years, but in January, 2019, he finally crossed the line, even for the GOP. New Civil Rights Movement:

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” he asked in a New York Times interview, ending any question of where he stands, and branding him a white supremacist.

n 2018 King met with representatives of a far-right party in Austria — and used the financial backing of a Holocaust memorial group to do so.

The following year, in August, King asked, if not for rape and incest, “would there be any population left?

The man’s public career was a compendium of these dreadful non sequiturs. He lost his House committee assignments in 2019 after his now famous Western civilization crack.

This is a hopeful sign. It would be so nice if Iowa would clean house entirely. Joni Ernst needs to go, and the governor, Kim Reynolds needs to go.

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Canadian Vet
Canadian Vet

Bye bye, not such a King after all, but more like the village’s racist idiot.