Steve Bannon Says Coronavirus Is Trump’s ‘Churchill Moment’ and ‘You Don’t Need To Worry About 2020’

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How wonderful that Steve Bannon is back on the airwaves touting Donald Trump’s virtues just like the old days. That’s not snark, that’s sincere, because nobody in Trump’s retinue has ever had the entertainment value or the quotable lines of Steve Bannon. Pence’s sanctimony and Kushner’s ineptitude make for good copy, but nothing like Bannon’s Art of War and alcohol-fueled dementia. This is the man who gave us, “go to the mattresses” and “burn the boats” among other colorful images. The pugilistic Bannon had a war room at the White House, where he kept his infamous shit list, remember that? What this campaign needs by way of comic relief is none other than Steve Bannon.

And it looks like he’s getting prepared for that. Bannon, aka “Sloppy Steve” was on Fox News and came up with yet another bon mot: this is now Trump’s “Churchill moment.” Winston Churchill took on a defeatist-thinking Britain and rallied them in their “darkest hour” and apparently Bannon thinks that now Trump will do the same with his coalition of misfits and wingnuts. To hear Bannon tell it, the coronavirus is a godsend.

“This is Trump’s Churchill moment. He’s got to bring the country together, which he’s doing. He’s got to confront not just the virus, but the economic contagion that’s coming out of China. He does that, you don’t need to worry about 2020.”

Trump’s chances of “confronting” the virus in any meaningful manner are slim to none. As to the “economic contagion?” Maybe that phrase makes more sense after a bottle of Bushmill’s, who knows? Bannon also went on to say, incredibly, that he expects disgruntled Bernie Bros to rally under Trump’s flag in November.

“They’re not buying the socialism. They’re not buying the radicalism, they’re not buying the revolution. These are very practical, pragmatic people…They are going to try to steal the nomination from Bernie again. That’s why I think many Bernie supporters will come to President Trump at the end of the day.”

And he didn’t preclude the idea of Hillary running for president again, either.

Ah, for the days when Bannon was Chief Strategist, and they had to turn up the TV in Sean Spicer’s office, so that reporters couldn’t hear what they were yelling. That, in many ways, was Bannon’s finest hour — either that, or the time he grabbed Reince Priebus’ leg at CPAC and Priebus swatted his hand away. Like at the end of Shane, we cry out into the night “Steve come back,” because whatever happens, we need a good laugh and nobody can provide one like Bannon. Here’s the ludicrous interview, if you can stand two minutes of it.


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Bannon is out of his ever loving mind, this is Trumps waterloo.


Brannon looks like he has numerous std’s…


He looks like he IS an STD.