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After a year of denials from Team Trump, Steve Bannon has finally come right out and stated that Jared Kushner is guilty of collusion in an interview with Vanity Fair.  Politico reports:

“[Kushner was] taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared,” Bannon told the magazine’s Gabriel Sherman. “They were looking for the picture of Hillary Clinton taking the bag of cash from Putin. 

The jig is up. This is a smoking gun revelation coming from Trump’s campaign director and senior strategist. You can’t really find a higher-ranking campaign official. And Chris Christie, another top guy, seems to back it up:

This week Christie said that Kushner “deserves the scrutiny” he’s been getting.

Also in the interview, Bannon had some juicy words about Ivanka. He called her “the queen of leaks”. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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