Donald Trump may have clipped “Sloppy Steve” Bannon’s wings back in the day, but Bannon is like that old Timex watch commercial. No matter how it’s dropped out of an airplane, run over by a bus, is dragged to the depths of the sea, it still keeps on ticking.

Here is Bannon’s newest claim. Media Matters:

STEVE BANNON (HOST): We have called for, since last Thursday when the New York Post story broke, for either the — Rudy Giuliani said it first, that Wray should resign. I say he should be fired if he couldn’t answer the questions. The Washington Post broke a big scoop that the president is thinking about Wray. Note to Washington Post, you’ve got to get an intern to start watching the show because you’re missing something, that’s not a scoop, that’s stale, right? I’ve got a scoop for you, though. I think the interim — they’re going to fire Wray, Wray’s done.

You’re going to be fired. You can take that to the bank and cash it. You’re going to be fired, OK? You’re going to be fired. I’m going to break some news here. I think the interim — I think the interim director of the FBI is going to be Rudy Giuliani and his wingman is going to be Ric Grenell.

You know something? I think that Bannon might actually be on to something. I’ll tell you why. It’s well established that the base only loves Trump because he puts it to the libs. That is Trump’s purpose, to be outrageous, to freak out the libs totally, to stick it to them. He has no other purpose.

On that basis, when Trump is defeated, he might just spend the rest of his term, 78 days, owning the libs and this would be one way. One more time he could rattle the cage of government, upset the normal sensibility of anybody with more intelligence than a fruit fly, and mock and deride our institutions — and he would enjoy that. And the base would enjoy that.

So, actually, this isn’t that far fetched. This, or something equally idiot, might happen.



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  1. The latest Borat film effectively ends any chance Rudy will ever be appointed to any responsible position in or out of government.

  2. In Australia when the government changes over after an election defeat it’s more or less straight away, in the USA you give them 78 days. But isn’t that time between presidents taking their oaths the lame-duck season, so how can Trump rain fire and brimstone on the lib’s as you put it if he has no teeth in his bite

  3. I don’t know why anybody is listening, covering or quoting Steve Bannon, much less him talking about Ghouliani. Not one journalist or media rep. should even be covering him, or talking to him, or asking him questions, unless it’s to ask why he wears two shirts at a time, and when’s the last time he showered.


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