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Steve Bannon is still busy with his plans to remake the Senate in his own image, getting rid of Mitch McConnell and replacing as many senators as possible with ones who follow “the Trump agenda,” which is the Bannon agenda, pure and simple, and nobody other than Trump is fooled by the nomenclature.  In Mississippi, Bannon plans for lightning to strike twice. He has plans to eliminate both senators and recast with his own choices. Clarion Ledger:

Mississippi has enough darkness in its history without adding Steve Bannon’s particular variety of it, but it increasingly looks like that is exactly what those of us living here are about to get.

Bannon, who not only did, but continues to play a sort of Rasputin role in first the campaign and now the presidency of Donald Trump, currently has his eyes focused on electing Roy Moore Alabama’s next United States senator—a disaster in waiting both for that state and that governing body—but after that mischief, he is said to be poised to turn his aim toward replacing Mississippi’s U.S. senators, as well.

Both of them.According to an exhaustive NBC news report last weekend, Bannon is already committed to strongly backing state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s expected run to unseat U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker next year, but also is urging Gov. Phil Bryant to appoint himself to Sen. Thad Cochran’s seat if Cochran, now 79 and in less than stellar health, steps down before the end of his current term in 2020.

And that would just about make Mississippi ground zero within the intra-Republican Party civil war that Bannon and his alt-right wing are rather ruthlessly waging against its more civilized members.

Bannon plans full well to take the Alabama senate seat, and he also has very high hopes for BFF Erik Prince prevailing in Wyoming in a primary against incumbent John Barrasso. Killing two birds with one stone in Mississippi would be simply delightful as far as Bannon’s messianic vision is concerned.

Because in Bannon, nothing short of a political prince of darkness will soon enough be on his way to the state that’s always been one of the country’s favored whipping boys and there are ears here sympathetic to his brand of venom.

Something evil this way comes, and I am pretty sure we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

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