On Wednesday, HuffPost’s S.V. Date revealed that Mike Lindell has been effectively given an ultimatum by most news outlets: If you want to wail about Donald Trump being robbed of a second term, you can’t use our platform to do it. One of the few people willing to let him spew his conspiracy theories is Steve Bannon. So it’s no accident that when the MyPillow Guy claimed he had enough evidence to ensure Trump would return to the White House by the end of the summer, he did so on Bannon’s podcast, “War Room.”

But it turns out that Lindell has a vested interest in using Bannon to keep his fellow deplorables stirred up.

Date writes:

As pillow magnate-cum-election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell finds once-supportive media no longer interested in his views after a wave of defamation lawsuits, one outlet remains ready and willing to regularly broadcast his lies: Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show, which Lindell also happens to underwrite. (emphasis mine)

It turns out a typical episode of “War Room” sees Bannon going from spewing red meat to touting Lindell’s products. He even urges his viewers to go to MyPillow’s website and use a special promo code.

In its $1.3 billion lawsuit against Lindell, Dominion Voting Systems contends that the MyPillow Guy is willing to sow doubt about the election and put its employees in danger solely to sell pillows. That’s bad enough, but Date missed something that is equally egregious. Apparently Lindell has no qualms about opening his checkbook to a guy who made terroristic death threats on air.

Remember? Back in November, Bannon called for Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray to be beheaded for daring to stand up to Trump. For good measure, he wanted to put Fauci and Wray’s heads on pikes in the manner of Tudor England. Before the day was out, Twitter had nuked the show’s account, and Facebook and YouTube had deleted the video.

And yet, despite this, Bannon kept his morning time slot on fringe right-wing network Real America’s Voice, which is a corporate sibling to cable and satellite weather network WeatherNation. And yet, despite this, Lindell is still more than willing to bankroll him.

Anyone willing to give Bannon a penny after his sordid, thuggish, racist, and outright criminal past at Breitbart, at the White House, and back at Breitbart would have to be disreputable, desperate, or some combination thereof. But any defensible reason to write Bannon a check should have gone out the window on Nov. 5.

By continuing to prop up Bannon, Lindell is effectively telling the world that he has no problem with terroristic language. Indeed, anyone thinking of doing business with Lindell’s planned startup social media platform, Frank, ought to reconsider. Apparently Lindell’s standards for acceptable content are as low or lower than even those of Parler and Gab.

Lindell bills himself as a Christian businessman. Well, to the mind of this left-leaning Christian, the fact that Lindell is willing to support Bannon proves his fruit is as rancid as all hell. I repeat: What businessman with an iota of decency would give a penny to a guy who made death threats on the air?

Real America’s Voice has to answer for continuing to give a platform to Bannon. Now it looks like MyPillow has to face a reckoning as well. If there was any doubt that MyPillow has forfeited its right to exist, the fact that Lindell is bankrolling Bannon should erase it. After this, the only places Lindell’s pillows belong are in the trash can or the fireplace.

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