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Steve Bannon gave an interview to Jeremy Peters of the New York Times recently wherein he announced a new holiday, “MAGA Day,” predicted that Mitch McConnell was finished and of course proclaimed that Trump Russia was nothing but fake news.

Bannon: “Nov. 8 of 2016 is just one moment in time. You know. We celebrated today in the Trump movement as MAGA Day. Right? A high holy day. On the radio today, we had things from Breitbart; people on Facebook (inaudible) do anything. It’s MAGA Day. And we’ll celebrate it like Bastille Day going forward.”

“But a year, you know, a year later, the governor of Virginia lost. It’s a blue state. Everything like that. But I keep telling people: Every day is going to be a struggle. You’re going to win some and you’re going to lose some, but it’s a process. It’s a process. So the process now goes why is Mitch McConnell? Because the Senate and Mitch McConnell have been the — the most outrageous in their lack of support of President Trump’s agenda.”

“ And we had, you know, Big Luther in Alabama. We had Corker in Tennessee, and we had Flake in Arizona, and there’ll be more. There’ll be more. Don’t think that — don’t think that you know not one of these senators has run out there and said publicly and said, “I want the endorsement of Mitch McConnell.” Yet they’re all coming to us.”

Interviewer:  “Do you think Mitch McConnell will be majority leader at this time next year?”

Bannon: “I absolutely do not think he will be majority leader.”

Interviewer: “Is that your personal mission to make that not happen?”

Bannon: “ It’s not my personal mission, but it is an objective that I — I have an objective that Mitch McConnell will not be majority leader, and I believe will be done before this time next year.”

Interviewer: “The Russia investigation.”

Bannon: “Oh, now we’re going into fake news? I think the collusion thing, and I’ve said from day one, is a joke. We had a tough time colluding between the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania and the RNC. Look, there were definitely some marginal people early on in the campaign. It was an island of misfit toys. The campaign had some marginal guys. You’ve seen them on teevee, they popped up.”

Interviewer: “Manafort wasn’t marginal, though.”

Bannon: “He’ll have his day in court. It should not be lost on you that my first executive decision was with Jared and the president that Manafort had to go.”

Interviewer: “You fired him.”

Bannon: “Yeah.”

Interviewer: “From your perspective, what did happen between Russia and the Trump campaign?”

Bannon: “I have no idea and it’s not relevant. It’s irrelevant. It’s not relevant because it didn’t change the outcome of the election. If guys— look first off, I’m a former naval officer that served on a destroyer whose mission was hunting Russian submarines. I know the Russians are bad guys, okay? I don’t need to be told that. They’re bad guys, okay? And not to be trusted.”

Interviewer: “Trump doesn’t seem to think they’re bad guys. He talks about Putin being his buddy.”

Bannon: “In life you have to deal with not-good guys. And still have relationships with them and make treaties with them. Look, I’m a law and order guy. They did something wrong, they should be prosecuted for it. The media narrative is different. They’re saying the election was turned by the Russian involvement.”

Interviewer: “If you could have, would you have stayed for all four years of the presidency?”

Bannon: “Oh, my God, no. I never ended to leave [Freudian slip?] never intended to stay.”

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