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Well, two things are becoming apparent in the Klown Kar Circus that is the Trump campaign. The first is thatnot only didn’t Trump ever crack the binding of “How wo win friends and influence people” himself, it also is not required reading for his surrogates. It is also becoming increasingly apparent that the Trump cabal doesn’t quite grasp the concept that surrogates can’t get your message out to the masses if they can’t get their fat lying faces in front of a microphone.

Stephen Miller, senior Trump advisor, part time Trump speech writer, prime candidate for his boss’s comb over, and full time sleazebag appeared on CNN yesterday on Jake Tappers “State of the Union.” Yes, CNN. The network that His Lowness loathes so much that his Justice Department is trying to scuttle a merger of its parent company in revenge for their treatment of them. The same network that led the charge for honesty and integrity by banning Trump shill KellyAnne Conway from appearing on their network for her blatant inability to so much as spell her name without presenting it as an “alternative fact.” That CNN. What could go wrong?

According to reporting in Axios, pretty much everything. As  you might expect, the first thing that Jake Tapper brought up was the book “Fire and Fury,” starting with Steve Bannon’s assertion that the thought that Donnie Redux wouldn’t have walked his Russian guests upstairs one floor to meet his father after the June 9th meeting was nonsense, of course he did. As a good surrogate, of course one would expect Miller to push back against such allegations, but Miller went much further, becoming abrasive and arrogant, and also threatening the tensile strength of the truth. Rather than answer the questions, Miller went full Trump in instead repeated trying to pivot the conversation to scathing criticism of CNN instead. Tapper tried to press Miller to stay on topic, but Miller persisted in slamming CNN instead of answering the questions, causing Tapper to abruptly terminate the interview by saying, “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers time. Thank you Stephen.” Ouch!

Once the show went to commercial, Miller was repeatedly asked to leave the set by Tapper and CNN show staffers. Miller refused, wanting to continue the confrontation. Just what in the hell Stephen Miller thought he was accomplishing in trying to disrupt a show that was on commercial break eludes my simple mind, but apparently that’s what he did. When he continued to refuse to leave, security was called, and he was physically escorted from the set. When contacted, CNN declined to comment on the incident.

You know, every good fighter tries to get under his opponents skin, to needle and goad him into making foolish mistakes in anger, to take him off of his game, get him to lash out and open him up to a withering counter attack. If Stephen Miller is anything to go by, it’s going to be interesting to see what golden eggs other Trump surrogates lay in response to tough questioning about this book. But one thing is clear, the Trump White House is down another surrogate as far as pushing their cfrap on CNN is concerned. If you’d like to see the exchange that led up to Millers physical ouster, here it is.

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