Xenophobic narwhal penis Stephen Miller is not ready to give the Biden administration credit for the huge number of friendlies it’s rescued from Afghanistan. That may be because so many of them are Afghans. Which means they’re not Americans. Which means—in his diseased, Machiavellian mind, anyway—they don’t really count.

Miller, who was instrumental in blocking our Afghan allies from entering the U.S. for years before the war’s end, appears to be sore that so many of them are finding their way stateside now. And he really doesn’t want their families along for the ride because … erm … immigration is bad or something.

Well, hey, at least he’s being consistent and not trying to pretend his old boss Donald Trump would have airlifted every non-Taliban Afghan out of the country far in advance of the fall of Kabul.


For the nontweeters:

One reason the # of Afghans is so high is that people are bringing their entire extended families, regardless of whether anyone meaningfully aided war effort or faces a particularized threat. Perception of an unrestricted policy surely helped drive oversized crowds to airport.

Really? People who aided our war effort at grave risk to themselves and their families want to bring those family members with them? Hie thee to thine fainting couch!

So airlifting 117,000 people from a danger zone under fraught conditions isn’t so impressive—because they’re the wrong people, apparently.

I don’t know about you, but I’d trade one Stephen Miller for 100,000 Afghans any day of the week. Like most immigrants, the Afghans we welcome to our country are bound to contribute mightily to its future success. As for Miller? Well, he’s already proven himself worse than worthless.

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  1. I’d trade Stephen Miller for a Superfund Site and a small mountain a dingo feces… and have absolute certitude I killed on the deal.


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