Stephen Miller echoed paranoid, white supremacist conspiracy theory to attack DACA in leaked emails


White House aide Stephen Miller is a white supremacist, as his own writings continue to confirm. An ongoing examination of his nearly 1,000 leaked emails by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch finds that Miller echoed paranoid, white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory in communications that included attacks on undocumented immigrant youth and the popular Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“In emails to Breitbart News leaked to Hatewatch, Miller said DACA recipients would contribute to altering the country’s demographics by replacing Americans born in the United States,” the report found. Specifically white U.S.-born Americans, of course. “White nationalists often promote the idea of the ‘great replacement’ in their propaganda. Manifestos linked to terror suspects have cited this idea to justify acts of violence.”

“Demanding DREAMers be given citizenship because they ‘know no other home.’ That principle is an endorsement of perpetual birthright citizenship for the foreign-born,” Miller hissed. In another email with the subject line “The Immigration Surge,” he complained of a growing “foreign-born share” of workers, Hatewatch reported. Sent in the midst of the 2016 Republican presidential primary (and when he worked for another racist, then-U.S. Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III), Miller’s ire was also directed at then-candidate Jeb Bush, complaining the former Florida governor wanted to use “immigration to replace existing demographics.”

This paranoid, white supremacist belief was also “steeped” in the manifesto of the terrorist who murdered dozens of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand last year, Hatewatch said at the time. In emails examined last year by Hatewatch, Miller promoted the work of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Tanton network anti-immigrant hate group with ties to anti-Semites and other deplorables. This man shouldn’t be able to step one foot in the White House, yet he remains to help craft some of the most harmful anti-immigrant policy in modern U.S. history, including a Muslim ban and the forcible separation of migrant families at the southern border.

Democrats have been forceful in demanding Miller’s removal. “The recently released emails show Stephen Miller trafficking the views of white supremacist hate groups that espouse a repugnant and extreme anti-immigrant agenda,” Jewish House Democrats wrote in a letter last month. “These hateful views have no place in our government, much less just steps from the Oval Office. At this time of rising antisemitism, xenophobia, racism and white supremacy, we must forcefully call out and refuse to accept intolerance or hate anywhere within our government.” Miller needs to go.

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None of these freaks of nature are going anywhere until the squatter goes, whenever that may be. It’s so maddening!