Stephen Miller Does An Epic Gaslight On How To Read AOC’s Quote On ‘10% Garbage’


Occasionally, somebody on Fox News will commit a random act of journalism, usually Shep Smith or Chris Wallace. Today it was Wallace, actually fact-checking Stephen Miller in real time. Wallace came prepared to rebut the fallacy that he must have known Miller was there to deliver. Man, has Wallace come a long way. You may recall that he basically threw the third debate to Donald Trump because he refused to fact check at all, plus he teed up GOP talking points blithely. He asked Hillary about “open borders” and she said that when she used that particular term, she was speaking of energy and not immigration. I pretty much despised Wallace that night, but he’s starting to redeem himself, and today was a good step in the right direction. The clip is only 1:35, worth the listen.

This is hysterical. Miller keeps insisting that his twisted version of how to interpret AOC’s comment on 10% garbage is that she’s talking about the country, rather than health care policy, is the plain English reading of the sentence. OMG. This group of people will stoop to any low in order to push a talking point and get a conspiracy theory cooking.

Liz Cheney is pushing this “garbage” CT as well, and doubling down on the socialism talking point. If you can stand to listen to her on CBS, here’s the link.

Trump and his administration are straight out of the P.T. Barnum playbook. They are depending on the American people being suckers. And I understand that. They’re only where they are because so far that premise has proven true.

This is just a preview of coming attractions, folks. Trump does believe that “indecency can win and that cruelty can be popular.” That’s spot on. You may depend upon more of this down and dirty fighting before we flush this turd on November 3rd — or, alternatively, that we cement our status in the world as a once-great nation, and now a banana republic, ruled by a tinpot, no-class dictator. It’s going to come down one way or the other. 2020 is going to be either the Great Affirmation in American history of who and what we are, or the Awful Realization of same. But either way, Election 2020 will be the most definitive moment since the Civil War.

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