Stephen King Offers $75,000 To Stephanie Grisham If She’ll Just Do Her Job

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Stephanie Lawton / Flickr

Two masters of fiction are putting Stephanie Grisham in a corner and it will be interesting to see what her particular character dictates that she do.

This is delicious. How can she refuse? And it’s high time that this issue be confronted. The Trump administration’s watch word is “none of your business.” We’re not supposed to hear from witnesses at the impeachment trial, we’re not supposed to know how foreign policy is being conducted, we’re just supposed to sit in the dark, in what amounts to a press blackout. Good for King and Winslow calling bullshit.

My prediction? I don’t think Grisham will take the money, because her position is indefensible, like that of her boss. You may recall that Mark Cuban offered Donald Trump $10 Million to the charity of his choice if he would debate him for two hours, on the issues alone. Trump never took his offer. The people in this White House are cowards.


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Hiding behind the curtain


Why waste the money on lies? This whole 4yrs. has been nothing but.