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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to put everything in perspective on the Late Show.  In his monologue, Colbert says “Tonight, the news from Washington is about jokes. Who can tell ’em and who can take ’em.”

Here it is:

Taking about the “circle of jerks”, he talked about who were offended by Michelle Wolf’s monologue and questioned which offensive word starts with “p”.  First guess was “president”.  You’ll have to watch to see the rest of the alternatives…

He says people are “pretending” to be offended about Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Michelle Wolf says she “burns” facts and then uses the ash to make her “smoky eyes”.

Of course, even though the White House Correspondents Association hired Wolf themselves, then they threw her under the bus.

Stephen Colbert puts it all into perspective.  Great job!!

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