Steele investigated other salacious Trump stories beyond the infamous pee tape

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If you believe, as I do, that Donald Trump is an ineluctably expanding blob of id that would swallow up the solar system if we let him, this won’t come as a surprise. Nor should it.

The alleged pee tape incident, it seems, wasn’t the only salacious story Christopher Steele investigated on his way to producing his famous dossier.

According to The Daily Mail, buried inside the 476-page inspector general report on the “oranges” of the Russia investigation was this fairly notable item:

The IG cites four Steele reports including ‘select highlights’ that Steele ‘did not furnish’ to the FBI. Much of his other investigating did make it to the Bureau, through either direct or indirect methods.

The IG cites one report, numbered 113, that references sources based in St. Petersburg, Russia as stating that Trump ‘has paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities in St. Petersburg, including participating in sex parties, but that witnesses had been ‘silenced,’ i.e., bribed or coerced to disappear).’

None of the new information has ever been substantiated. It is not clear in the report who ultimately provided it to the IG, although during 2016 various feeds of information were making it to the bureau, to members of Congress, and to the press that ultimately stemmed from Steele’s information gathering.

Sex parties? Bribery? Coercion? That doesn’t sound like Trump at all!

Of course, now that I have you here, you might find this significant, too:

A footnote includes information that Steele did not provide to the FBI, with dates ranging from July to September 2016.

It states: ‘Report 97 (the Kremlin is concerned that political fallout from the DNC hacking operation is spiraling out of control; a source close to the Trump campaign confirms that the regular exchange of intelligence between the Trump team and the Kremlin had existed for at least 8 years; the Kremlin had determined not to use compromising information against Trump given how cooperative his team had been over several years and of late).’

Now, none of this is verified — except, perhaps, by Donald Trump’s continual protestations that none of it is true. I mean, that alone suggests it’s rock-solid info.

That said, it’s pretty disturbing that an experienced and respected intelligence officer like Christopher Steele found it credible enough to investigate and write a report on — whether it’s 100 percent true or not. And it’s also pretty disturbing that none of us think it’s surprising in the least.

Is it true? I’m not a betting man, but I’d wager some of my more expandable organs against Dick Cheney’s Halliburton stock that it is. That’s how confident I am that Trump is a Crater Lake-sized petri dish who is capable of any of this stuff.

Anyone else want to go in?

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The tangerine turdmuffin has been a slimy douchebag his whole life. I used to listen to him on calls he made to the Howard Stern show years ago. Some of the things that he would talk about on the radio was how he would be with so many women and sometimes multiple women. Now that I think back he was partying with Epstein,so that explains a lot. It was pretty weird stuff


He is twisted, grotesque, slime ball way beyond redemption.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Like we’ve always said , Trump has been compromised by Putin , because Trump thinks he’s so smart , and Putin took advantage of that , and proved Trump was stupid .
He’s got very bad evidence on Trump’s sorted
sexual behavior, and using like a HAMMER OVER TRUMPs HEAD , thereby controlling Trumps base
and the Republican Party !

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well Epstein did have some fourteen different trump numbers in his phone book. Maybe Melania likes big black men. And I ain’t talking height here. Maybe the little mushroom 🍄 just doesn’t blow her skirt up.