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This is a crisis for children and their families, as Republicans in the Senate focus on giving Trump and his Swamp massive tax cuts on the backs of working families.

CHIP has now been expired for 56 days and counting. State’s are preparing to shut down the program that millions of children rely on for their health care.

This is a disgrace. The Republican Party is a monstrosity and evil.

Officials in nearly a dozen states are preparing to notify families that a crucial health insurance program for low-income children is running out of money for the first time since its creation two decades ago, putting coverage for many at risk by the end of the year.

Congress missed a Sept. 30 deadline to extend funding for CHIP, as the Children’s Health Insurance Program is known. Nearly 9 million youngsters and 370,000 pregnant women nationwide receive care because of it.

Many states have enough money to keep their individual programs afloat for at least a few months, but five could run out in late December if lawmakers do not act. Others will start to exhaust resources the following month.

The looming crunch, which comes despite CHIP’s enduring popularity and bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, has dismayed children’s health advocates.

“We are very concerned, and the reason is that Congress hasn’t shown a strong ability to get stuff done,” said Bruce Lesley, president of Washington-based First Focus, a child and family advocacy organization. “And the administration is completely out, has not even uttered a syllable on the issue. How this gets resolved is really unclear, and states are beginning to hit deadlines.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s priority is to golf and improving his USGA handicap.

Trump has spent 25% of his failed presidency on the golf course. 

And would you look at this:

While children In America suffer with lack of health insurance, Trump was golfing with Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is developing a golf property for Trump in Dubai, using a Chinese Government backed construction company to build it.

No conflict of interests here, eh?? Emoluments Clause?

Make China Great Again, while children suffer in the United States.

This is the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s priorities.

Don’t ever forget it.

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