Still strange is the objective, because if the Oregon legislature was seized by a right-wing mob, would they have declared Trump ultimate leader of an Oregon republic? 

State Rep. Mike Nearman became the first person ever expelled from the Oregon Legislature on Thursday, following revelations he helped plan an armed incursion in the state Capitol late last year.

Days before he allowed right-wing demonstrators into the locked state Capitol, Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman told a gathering of citizens he would let them into the building if they texted him, a new video suggests.
The video posted on YouTube with a stamp saying it was streamed live in Dec. 16, features Nearman, a Polk County Republican, talking about something called “Operation Hall Pass.”…
A four-term lawmaker, Nearman had served in the House since 2015, earning a reputation as one of the chamber’s most conservative Republicans. He has worked on an unsuccessful attempt to recall Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, was a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to overturn Brown’s emergency orders to address COVID-19, and was among 11 sitting state lawmakers to sign a letter in support of a Texas lawsuit challenging the 2020 presidential election.…

The @GOP ‘s reason for expelling him is that he lied to them about how much evidence there was.

In a widely anticipated vote, the Oregon House approved a resolution that formally found Nearman’s act of opening a Capitol door for a far-right crowd on Dec. 21 amounted to “disorderly behavior”, the constitutional standard for ejecting a legislator. The resolution passed by a vote of 59-1, with only Nearman voting against.


“It’s really both a historic and deeply sad day,” House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner, D-Portland, said during that hearing.

Another Democrat, Andrea Salinas of Lake Oswego, said it was, “upsetting to learn that Rep. Nearman was planning and coordinating an attack on our Capitol… The trauma of that day will not leave with Rep. Nearman.”

Nearman had faced calls to resign for five months, ever since OPB reported he’d allowed far-right demonstrators, some armed, into the locked state Capitol building as lawmakers met in a special session on Dec. 21. Surveillance footage of his actions followed shortly after.…


The demonstrators were wearing military gear and at least one was armed with a rifle. Yet, a video shows Rep. Mike Nearman opening an exit door to let them inside


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In 1923, the KKK-controlled Oregon legislature passed a law banning any textbook that “speaks slightingly of the founders”.


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