UPDATE: Pompeo Has Direct Conflict of Interest and Will Not Recuse


I would update Murf’s perfectly-timed article on the impending meeting requested by the State Department Inspector General and various House committees, but our dashboard is not set-up that way, thus I urge you to read Murf’s, then follow over here.

Word is breaking that the I.G. wants to discuss what to do concerning Pompeo’s obvious conflict of interest in the impeachment inquiry, and his refusal to recuse himself:

Originally, I thought that this letter was from the Inspector General to the committee chairs, but this letter goes from the Congress to the Under Secretary of State, asserting Pompeo has a conflict of interest, a conflict that is surely to come up during the I.G. discussion with Congress tomorrow. Indeed, it is likely to be the first topic addressed, the fact that Pompeo remains in control of the State Department’s response, despite his conflict of interest.

That is likely why the Inspector General believes he needs to speak to Congress. The I.G. does not answer to the Secretary – it’s part of the whistleblower process, the I.G. is an “outside” person to evaluate department problems, – and the I.G. must be concerned that the same conflicted secretary is disallowing State Department employees from properly testifying before Congress.

As an update, already, Lawrence O’Donnell is reporting that not only does Pompeo have a conflict of interest, not only should Pompeo recuse himself, but the I.G. doesn’t believe that Pompeo has the authority to prevent witnesses from appearing before Congress, nor does Pompeo have the right to require a State Department attorney present during the Congressional hearings.

Last, further from O’Donnell, it is known that a week ago, a request went into the Inspector General to preserve all documents relating to the Ukraine, and from reporting on MSNBC, the I.G. is bringing along many documents pertaining to the Ukrainian investigation, possibly out of fear that the documents would not otherwise see the light of day. It is hard to know.

The one thing all do know, this is wholly unprecedented. Not a single guest has seen any situation even approximating this happen before in Washington.

More analysis to follow, and thank you to Murf, not meaning to step on anyone’s toes.


Peace, y’all


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This guy is in it up to his butt cheeks, he has no right to stop former employees to testify just like the administration has with others who left, the ones who claim privilege are full of crap, your free from your former employer so feel free to speak the truth. You should feel no need of retribution, your country needs you.