Stacey Abrams not giving up til all the votes are in: Here’s how to make sure every vote is counted

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Stacey Abrams is taking a powerful stand! The Georgia gubernatorial (Daily Kos-endorsed) candidate is refusing to concede the race to Republican and noted vote suppressor, Brian Kemp. She firmly believes that if every vote is counted—every provisional, early, and absentee ballot—she will have enough votes to trigger a run-off election against Kemp. There she will win and take back Georgia.

As a member of the Daily Kos activism team, I sign my emails to you “Keep fighting.” I am deeply inspired by the fight that the Abrams team is putting up. This is the fight we’ve been demanding from Democrats and our progressive leaders. As Republicans try to cheat and steal their way to power, Stacey Abrams is relying on the people power she built during this historic campaign to bring home the win. She’s not giving up, so we better not give up on her.

So here’s how you can help:

  • If you or anyone you know cast a provisional ballot in Georgia, you need to head to your county election office ASAP. Bring your ID and your ballot receipt and validate your vote.
  • If you or anyone you know cast an early or absentee ballot in Georgia, go to, enter your information, then click “Click here for Absentee Ballot status” link in the lower left box.
If your status isn’t “Accepted” please contact the voter protection hotline or visit

One person I spoke with, Mr. John Sanders, told me why it was important for him to stand in line, regardless of the weather or how long the lines might be, to have his vote counted.

As Secretary of State, Brian Kemp has overseen record-breaking voter purges. He has a history of discounting voters from marginalized communities. As Stacey Abrams’ opponent, he is unsurprisingly claiming victory before all the votes are in. We have to send a strong message that Georgia voters will not be bent or swayed and will have every one of their votes counted.

Keep fighting.

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