St Louis couple stands their ground because mayor’s demonstrators walk on their gated street

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These Karens should have stayed in the armoire. Then again, can you trust the St Louis cops to protect your van Dyck or act like one. It’s only eight miles from Ferguson to reenact the Sack of Rome at your faux-palazzo. Money, guns, and lawyers

Mark says it’s remarkable that they’ve mostly only had to replace art and furniture rather than fixtures—after Anna and Edward died in 1935, the house sat empty for a decade, but nothing was stolen or stripped out. The McCloskeys have had fun seeking out objects original to the house as well as filling it with their own antiques, including a rare 1560 stipo a bambocci carved wooden cabinet made in Genoa and a Louis XIII homme-debout (“standing man”) armoire, so named because, during the Reign of Terror, a gentleman could hide inside one.…

“This affluent part of #STL is known for its opulent homes on gates streets.  @BILLGREENBLATT reports the man and woman met about 300 protesters as they broke down a gate in the neighborhood to march past their home.”


“She came down looking for an excuse to shoot someone.”


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Face facts rational people; some things just ain’t going to change. Attitudes, skin color, and that invisible foot on the necks of those people who dare to step out of their place. Sad but true


MAGAt’s are such cowardly losers, I bet their guns were empty, just like their heads.


If they were black they would be dead. White rich privilege. Would hate to have them for Neighbors.