“Springtime for Twitler.” ( Musical Parody)


They always say that when shit goes south, you can either laugh about it, or cry about it. Personally, I’m sick of washing more hankies than underwear…Hey, a satirist’s gotta do what a satirist’s gotta do. Many profuse apologies to Mel Brooks!

Springtime for Twitler

Springtime for Twitler, and lunacy

Winter for logic and thought

Who needs a functioning government?

Rule number one, don’t get caught


Springtime for Twitler, and lunacy

Unleaded gas for your Ford

This global warming is such a crock

Who needs the Paris accord?


(Musical Riff)


Grab your torches, riot hearty!

Come and join the Trumpy Party!


(Musical Riff)


Every day’s a hate-o-rama

Let’s forget that prick Obama!


(Swelling Musical Bridge)


Springtime for Twitler, and lunacy

Goodbye to Dem-o-cracy

Give up your freedom and privileges

And swear your loyalty, to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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