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   Trump’s flat denial that he is considering ways to get rid of Special Counsel Mueller is about as believable as an NFL owner proclaiming full confidence in his winless head coach.  You know it’s the kiss of death.

   So, allow me to speculate and talk about Saturday Night Massacres.  We now know that Mueller’s investigators have been pouring over thousands of emails from the Trump Transition Team since early September.  Those emails put several folks in Trump’s circle in the barrel and widened the cast of characters in this mystery considerably…to include several Republican congress members.   Trump will also get the bad news this week that Mueller’s investigation will drag on well into 2018.  And,  Faux Noos has the president drooling for a confrontation.   The perfect shit storm.  

   So, I’m speculating that Mueller sees all this and is building a firewall, a sort of “doomsday machine” to be activated in case Trump goes SNM.  Mueller has a full set of prosecutorial tools and the experience to use them to his advantage.   Sealed indictments for instance.  Sealed indictments would be a spectacular way to “reach out from the grave.”  Who knows how many transition staffers have already cracked under questioning or perjured themselves based on evidence those emails provided?  What have Michael  Flynn and George Papadapolos and perhaps James Comey been telling the grand jury?  What parts of the Steele Dossier have investigators been able to confirm?  Mueller has the answers to those questions and many more.  He also has the savvy needed to play a winning hand correctly even if his opponent throws the table over and tries to end the game.

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