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Donald Trump nominated Texas Ass’t Attorney General Jeff Mateer for a lifetime appointment to a federal judgeship in the eastern district of Texas. It will be an abomination if this man is confirmed and will only serve to divide this country further. Right Wing Watch:

Later that year, [2015] as CNN notes, Mateer spoke at a “National Religious Liberties Conference” hosted by radical pastor Kevin Swanson. The conference also attracted then-GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal, none of whom declined to attend after we [Right Wing Watch] revealed Swanson’s history of anti-LGBT extremism.

Swanson didn’t hide his beliefs at the conference itself, declaring multiple times that the biblical penalty for homosexuality is death, saying that if his son were to marry a man, he would sit outside the church covered in manure, and warning that God would judge America for gay characters in children’s books. Another speaker at the conference distributed literature attempting to justify the death penalty for homosexuality. In a report about the conference, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow dubbed it the “kill the gays rally.”

In his speech to Swanson’s conference, CNN reported, Mateer “lamented that states were banning gay conversion therapy.”

Hear what Mateer has to say about the connection between homosexuality and bestiality.  The kindest word that this man can be called is a sophist. This man talks about what is “sick” and “evil.” Sick and evil can be found in his mirror. Sick and evil live in his soul. This man, and I use the term out of force of habit, cannot be elevated to the bench. He and others like him will drive this nation even further apart — if that’s humanly possible.

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