Source With Knowledge of The Probe – “Mueller was making a case to Congress…”


In his Cliff Notes (I am being generous here) four page summary of the still-unknown-how-many-page Mueller Report, AG William Barr, who is busily obstructing justice right before our very eyes, just like his client, includes one telling Mueller quote from the report — presumably included to inoculate Barr from charges of lying to Congress…

“The special counsel states “that while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” 

And there is a good reason that Mueller did not conclude that the *resident committed a crime on his own. The DOJ, after all, is effectively neutered by it’s inability to indict and charge a sitting president, thus making the Congress the only body that may impose accountability on the Oval Office.

The Report was constructed to give them the ability to…

Daily Beast

“A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told The Daily Beast that it was their interpretation that “Mueller was making a case to Congress, who (unlike DOJ, in Mueller’s view) is empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president’s conduct.”

You can read the rest of the Daily Beast article, but there is nothing else there that is not basically a rehash of what a hundred other outlets are reporting.

The above short paragraph is the important part of the article, as it explains that Mueller felt that he was not empowered to act on his own, and as a result made the case for Congress so that they could impose the rule of law on the criminal in the White House.

​​​​​​​Of course if the House majority lacks the will to act on Mueller’s evidence and their prerogative, we are well and truly fucked, as their unwillingness to do so will be spun as total vindication of drumpf.

But it won’t be a shagging because Mueller did not do his job.

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