Sorry, Trump, Mueller never even wanted to be your FBI director

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Donald Trump has a recurring fever dream that Robert Mueller wanted to be his FBI director.

Yeah, it didn’t happen that way. It’s like the umpteenth time Trump has made this desperately baseless claim that Mueller wanted to work for Trump. LOL (sorry). Anyway, in actuality, former White House aide Steve Bannon told special counsel investigators that Mueller even wanted the job.

Bannon recalled that the White House had invited Mueller to speak to the President to offer a perspective on the institution of the FBI. 532 Bannon said that, although the White House thought about beseeching Mueller to become Director again, he did not come in looking for the job.

On top of that, the White House was pretty desperate to hire Mueller for the job, according to Washington Post national security reporter Devlin Barrett.

“Fun Fact: Bob Mueller is barred by law from serving again as the FBI Director,” Barrett tweeted. “At the meeting POTUS mentions, White House officials told him, per sources, they were willing to push Congress to pass a new law to make Mueller’s re-appointment possible.”

Trump wanted Mueller so badly he was going to push to pass a law to make it so. Now that’s desperate. Guessing Trump was pretty pissed off when he found out Mueller took the special counsel appointment the day after Trump tried to woo him into the FBI post.

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Karen Laakaniemi
Karen Laakaniemi

Karma lesson. tRUMP!