Son v. Son-in-Law As Don Jr. and Jared Jockey for Top Dog Position In Trump Reelection Campaign


It’s well known that anybody Jared doesn’t like, he persuades wife Ivanka to help him eliminate. Jarvanka, thus far, have done away with Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster and possibly Don McGahn. However, one of the people in Jared’s scope now, purportedly, is none other than Don Jr. So, how is that going to be resolved? Junior and Jared are said to be jockeying for the top dog spot on Trump’s reelection campaign. Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair:

What is a problem for the campaign, though, is the escalating cold war between Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. for control of the reelection, five sources close to the White House told me in recent days. Brad Parscale is the nominal campaign manager—but Jared and Don Jr., who both have good relationships with Parscale, are jockeying to be the ultimate decision makers. “Jared wants to take control of the campaign,” a person close to Don Jr. told me. “It’s about power,” the former West Wing official said. One place the fight is playing out is over fund-raising. According to sources, Kushner has been seeking to marginalize Don Jr.’s close friend Tommy Hicks Jr., who serves as co-chairman of the RNC. According to a source, Jared has told RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel not to be in touch with Hicks. […]

The tensions between Don Jr. and Kushner amplified beneath the glare of the Mueller investigation. “Don Jr. and Jared really dislike each other,” a Republican close to the White House told me. According to the source, Don Jr. has told people he suspected Kushner was behind the initial leak of Don Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. “Don was telling people Jared leaked it to hurt him. No one could figure out how it leaked. It was a closely guarded secret.” The source said Kushner has also told foreign dignitaries to steer clear of Don Jr. “Jared has told foreign people not to work through Don Jr. And Jared has said it’s on orders from the president,” the source said.

Paranoia about Kushner has set in among Don Jr.’s allies. According to one person close to Don Jr., his advisers were alarmed by Don Jr.’s now-deleted tweet questioning Senator Kamala Harris’s race. They worried Kushner would push the scandal to damage Don Jr. “We need to clean this up,” one adviser emailed another shortly after Don Jr. sent the tweet, according to the person, who was briefed on the exchange. “Don doesn’t want to give Jared any excuses to delegitimize him,” the person told me.

This soap opera inside the larger farce of the Trump administration should be amusing. Will Eric side with his moron brother or with his sister, whom he envies? Will Ivanka turn on her own brother to suit her husband? You can count on that. Jarvanka intends to make hay while the sun shines and Daddy is in office. Power is their aphrodisiac and they don’t want to share it with Junior. Don’t forget, Michael Wolff’s book depicted the two of them having a conversation the night Trump got elected about which one of them should run for president first. And conventional wisdom has it that Ivanka felt comfortable insinuating herself into the conversations of the powerful at the G20 Summit because she believes she has a career in politics herself. Trump later said, “I’m not grooming her for office,” but he’s past lie 10,000 right now, so I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in anything he says. Actions always speak louder than words and Jarvanka taking the reins of Trump’s campaign is not insignificant.

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Vlad RasPUTIN probably already shit canned their resumes.