Sometimes, It Just Seems Futile


When I joined Politizoom, I promised Ursula Faw, the Grand Poobah of PZ, the Ayatollah of rock-rolla, that I would never submit articles just to fill space on a page. It’s a matter of ethics. If you noble readers are willing to fight through my myriad of typos, the least I could do was to either inform or entertain you, preferably both.

Most of you know well by now that I am an Op-Ed columnist. I don’t ferret out news and report it, I take news that is already out there, put on my elbow length rubber gloves, and sift through the pile of cow shit for that one golden kernel of corn nobody else saw, or that magic mirror that can be rinsed off to show Alice’s looking glass, and present the alternate theory and information to you for your own perusal. What you decide to do with it is up to you. But i seek above all else to both entertain and educate.

With that criteria, you would think I’d be typing like a bastard maniac, churning stuff out 16 hours a day. With everything that has happened in the last week, both leaks being reported as well as excerpts from upcoming and just released books, you’d think that I’m composing these goddamn things in my sleep.

But instead I have suffered a crisis of faith. Not with my God, there’s no problem there. My crisis of faith has to do with the constant, churning influx of the news of the last week. I have searched, and searched, and searched, and there is no there there.

And that’s why I just can’t write about this shit. There literally is no hidden kernel of truth in the bullshit, no magic mirror to look through to find an alternate story or explanation. It is exactly what it looks like. From the revelations in the Atlantic article to the revelations of the Michael Cohen book, to the revelations of the Bob Woodward book, to Trump’s continued lies about the coronavirus. The masks are all off, ladies and gentlemen.

My dear friends, there is no greater truth here. What we are looking at is the pure, unadulterated core of the Trump administration and its GOP enablers. It is a pure, raw, crass use of raw naked political power. The Trump administration and the GOP writ large is a corrupt criminal organization, the laws don’t apply to them because they are capable of manipulating the laws to suit them, and they will stop at nothing. Maya Angelou once said, When they show you what they are, believe them.

And it’s not just me warning you either. Both Frank Figliuzzi, the former counter intelligence  chief of the FBI, as well as Elizabeth Neumann, the former #2 terrorism expert at DHS have already sounded the alarm. They have stated that both the FBI as well as the DHS consider domestic white supremacists, as well as white nationalists as the prime threat to internal security. Both agencies are already trying to form contingency plans for either white nationalist violence heading into the election, or violence between election day and the inauguration. Trump has long ago thrown away the dog whistle, and instead switched to a bull horn to rally the bucket heads and bed sheet wearers to his side. And two departments in our government are already taking this seriously enough to form contingency plans to deal with it.

This is my warning to you. They have finally dropped the masks and shown their own true colors. They will fight however dirty they need to, they will pull whatever tricks, they will subvert every process in order to win. The solution? Fucking vote! Do it however you want, but vote. And make sure that everybody else you know does so too. The DeJoy post office is already blocking members of congress from touring postal facilities in their own districts. The only thing that can offset this Klown Kar Kabal is an overwhelming voter turnout, especially early enough to offset the machinations of DeToy. You’ve been warned.


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Chris Whitley

I get it. These people are so far gone that they have finally broke the surface. Who knows where it goes from here but you have open blatant criminal conspiracies happening right in front of us. Trump should be in jail but instead he sits in the White House binge watching the news so he has something to attack. It is a very sick world that will soon collapse if there’s no intervention.

chris, And what are they doing to head off this insanity? Nothing. Where are the democrats? Are they so scared of putin that they are rendered mute? It looks to me that they are waiting meekly to hand our country over to trumputin. Sure, hold another hearing. How are they helping? Is our democracy so weak that they can’t stop the traitor-in-chief and his minions dead in their tracks? Trump and his henchmen are doing it in broad daylight. Why aren’t they in prison? Yes, I will continue working for the dems, writing postcards, poll watching and VOTE, but I… Read more »
John Johnson
John Johnson

F U C K T R U M P….JAN 20 2021


Personally, I call him NoJoy.