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Something’s up in right-wing-noise-machine land.

Dirty Rubles author Greg Olear tweeted this on Saturday:

Wikileaks also has gone dark.  I just checked and they last tweeted Nov. 8.  To be fair, sometimes they take two or three-day breaks.

Finally, Matt Drudge just deleted every tweet.

Though it’s futile to do so to hide your Twitter activity:

I can’t imagine this isn’t somehow related, however indirectly, to the Dems retaking the House, due to the timing.  Perhaps Mueller has let more information out to relevant people about upcoming indictments, now that his pre-election 60 days of silence is over.  Perhaps the noise machine fears House investigations that will actually have teeth.

Needless to say, there is much speculation.  People on Twitter are thinking Fox might have, at long last, decided to jettison Trump in the hope of saving their own reputation, because they have an idea of what’s coming down the pipes.  Also that the Republicans might be planning same, for the same reason, and to either force him to resign or impeach him quick during the lame duck session, then Pence as well if he also gets nailed by Mueller, so that Paul Ryan will be president rather than Nancy Pelosi—or whomever the Dems choose; popular-vote President Hillary Clinton, anyone?—since Dems would get to choose if Trump and Pence were both forced out of office after the Dems officially take over.

Parts of Twitter are even thinking Fox and the GOP might be co-ordinating this, and that’s why that secret conversation between Murdoch and McConnell.

Please note I am fully aware this is all speculation.  It may all be completely wrong.  What’s going on may be, and most likely is, something we can’t anticipate as we simply don’t have enough information.

But one thing I feel I can report absolutely for sure, which is why I am writing this diary at all: something is up, and because it’s silencing some of the most noxious mouthpieces, it’s bad for the bad guys.

Just the fact that said mouthpieces have not been spewing lies into the public discourse like factory chimneys spewing toxic smoke into the air we breathe for a few days is good news.

But bad for the bad guys generally means good for us, the USA and the world.

Anyone else feeling the course of history shift subtly under our feet, from signs you’re seeing?

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Jayden, MTmofo and others point out in the comments that Fox might be on Twitter strike due to the doxxing of Tucker Carlson, as per the Daily Caller.

I don’t trust the Daily Caller as far as I could comfortably spit a rat, but there’s some plausibility there.

In the comments, jhop7 joins the speculation:

The new AG must have started spreading the word on where the Mueller investigation is digging.

Look at them all scrambling, trying to earn their obstruction charges. Like ants in a rainstorm.

I’d be more tentative about this, but it’s possible, since Whitaker has access to Mueller’s info.  I have to wonder whether Mueller isn’t feeding him selective info to see who does what as a result, however, and so have good evidence of Whitaker obstructing justice.

Per more than one commenter:

Per Ken Dilanian cited in this diary, it’s for perjury.

So news of at least one impending indictment is coming out, and it appears to be via Mueller.  That makes more credible.

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  1. Am a little confused as to why Murdoch would simply show up at the WH under overt public scrutiny, instead of a cloak & dagger rendezvous as per their normal ‘modus operandi…
    Unless it was to send a message to one of their ‘own’..


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