Something about the Washington State primary votes no one has noticed…

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There have been a number of stories up about the results of the Washington State Democratic Party primary.

Late Wednesday the 11th, it appears that the count for the Democratic primary, according to the WA Secretary of State’s website where elections information is posted, is at 100.01% (there is a caveat on the site that due to same day registration and voting, vote percentages may change multiple times).

How many Democratic voters cast a ballot?

1,165,630    Democratic primary voters

Now, that isn’t truly new here, there are a couple of stories still up on my state’s vote. But none of them mentions this:

The Republican primary vote.

It’s 100% in.

How many GOP voters cast a ballot?

563,622    Republican primary voters

Now if THAT isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!

Last night I was tired, and forgot something important. 

THIS was the very first time Democratic voters have EVER cast a ballot for the presidential primary. I’m 58 years old, this is the first time I’ve ever cast a direct vote for the nominee of our party. Because up til this point, we only had a caucus.

The Republicans, however, have ALWAYS used the primary ballot. So they always had huge turnout numbers compared to Democrats.

We kicked their asses! I don’t give a damn if there was only Trump and Bill Weld on the (R) ballot, we outvoted them almost 2:1 and in my book that’s a damned fine first showing for Washington State’s Democratic Party voters!

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