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It looks like the Trump administration’s plan to frighten Americans away from voting is proceeding as planned.

Hundreds of Republican and unaffiliated voters in Colorado are among the nearly 4,000 people who have canceled their voter registrations in the wake of the Trump administration’s request for voter information. […]

The cancellations are just a minuscule fraction of the state’s 3.7 million registered voters. But the figure is striking nonetheless, with some county election officials reporting that they’ve never seen anything quite like it in their careers.

The cancellations are likely meant as a protest against the Kris Kobach-led plan to collect the full voters rolls of all 50 states, put them in a White House computer, and do an unspecified something with it. But it’s a terrible protest, because the whole point of Kobach’s various anti-voting schemes is to frighten voters into thinking that exercising their right to vote could be dangerous for them—especially if they’re not named something solidly Republican like “John Whiteguy.”

So don’t do that. The Kobach effort to collect voter registrations—currently being battled by various states—is not likely going to amount to much. It will not get you put on any mailing lists—unless, of course, the White House is crooked. It will not be dutifully transmitted to Russian hackers so those hackers know which voters to target in 2018—you know, probably.

If anyone in America is frightened away from voting because of Republican efforts to frighten them, those Republicans win. That’s the only remaining way they can keep their coalition of crabby neanderthals intact, and why imposing new and ever-more onerous requirements on those that show up on voting day has become, under the banner of supposed “illegitimate” voting, one of the top Republican priorities.

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