Some Things To Watch Next Week (And Beyond)

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You can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been, it’s all been a pack of lies   Phil Collins   In the Air Tonight

As we head into another week at the 1945 Berlin Chancellery  Bunker that goes by the name of the White House these days, the main focus will of course still be on Trump’s attempted extortion of Ukraine’s resident Zelinsky. But there zre several fascinating moving parts to all of this, and especialy with congress on recess nxt week, some of them may become more prominent. Here’s some things I think are worth watching for.

For starters, we may well begin to see a little more clarity and focus in the way that the House impeachment process is going to go. The House Intel committee, and I strongly suspect the Judiciary and possibly the Oversight committee are working through at least part of the recess. With everybody else out of town, these committees are going to be the only game i town for the media, and those committees are going to want to use that omnipotence to continue to hammer home the basic points, and show progress. They also need to keep flooding the airwaves yo stop Trump from trying to reframe the crisis. Right now he’s stunned and ineffective, and they want to keep it that way. Watch for prospective witness lists for depositions, document subpoenas, and committee hearing subpoenas for some basic trails going forward.

The Republicans may be overplaying their hand yet again. The standard GOP playbook for handling any crisis is to attack, attack, attack, usually the messenger. Right now, the GOP House writ large is attacking the allegedly vulnerable Democrats in those swing districts they won last November, trying to tar them as betraying their constituents by caving to “liberal pressure” to impeach.This is an incredibly dangerous game. There have been 4-5 polls in the last 24 hours that show support for impeachment rising by 5-6 points, with resistance to it dropping by an equal margin. If impeachment support rises and stays north of 50%, the GOP is turning these Democratic incumbents into heroes in their districts for standing up for the constitution, wile risking backlash in their own district for not doing what the Democrats are doing.

This is bigger than you think. Right now, all of the focus is on Trump, and his overt admission of guilt by releasing the transcript showing his shakedown of Zelinsky. But this is so much more than that. It’s a conspiracy to extortion. If you took everybody at risk in this scandal, lined them all up, and took a picture of them from behind, you could title the picture 21 bun salute from all of the asses hanging out in the wind. Trump told Mulvaney to hold up the Ukrainian aid, and being Trump, likely told Mulvaney why, which makes Mulvaney a co-conspirator. Mulvaney or Trump told Pompeo at the State Department that the funding was being hed up, and almost assuredly why, making Pompeo a co-conspirator. Either Mulvaney or Pompeo told somebody at the Department of Defense, as well as likely Steve Munchkin over at Treasury. If Munchkin knows why, this makes him a co-conspirator too.

This is where the witness list bonanza for the House committees comes from in the following days, the State Department, the Department of Defense, and possibly the Treasury department. Whomever Mulvaney or Pompeo told at these department, the information had to be disseminated to others with jurisdiction. These people, mostly career civil servants, are not co-conspirators, they are fact witnesses. They can testify as to exactly who gave them instructions, what they said in those instructions, and whatever lame bullshit excuses they came up when questioned about the change to the original order. These are career civil servants, with nio dog in this fight, and no reason to lie or obstruct congress to protect those above them. They will put meat on the bones very nicely.

Cracks may appear where they are least expected. While impeaching Trump is the ultimate goal, and putting maximum pressure on the slime balls in the GOP Senate to convict him, he isn’t the only one at risk of impeachment. House committee chairs have made it clear that any attempt to stonewall the investigations shall result in a stand alone article of impeachment for obstruction of congress for Trump. But Pompeo, Barr, and Mnuchin if applicable, are each subjext to articles of impeachment and their own trials as well. It has been widely reported n multiple outlets the last couple of days that Mike Pompeo was planning on using his SoS role to launch a White House bid in 2024. Impeachment charges in the House won’t help that dream, especially when Trump supporters all figure to crawl back under their rocks when all of this is over.

And one more thing to consider, Mike Pompeo, William Barr, and even the Clown Prince of jurisprudence, Rudy Giuliani are all state licensed attorneys. Not only if they obstruct justice, but especially if the House committees put together a strong case of criminal conspiracy against any or all of these lowlife weasels, I find it highly possible that some state bar associations may well decide that they don’t want scumbags like these carrying licenses in their states. While Giuliani and Barr are not only well past their retirement dates, they’re well past their legal shelf life, disbarment is an option neither of them will find palatable. And it’s also possible that Steve Munchkin may have licensing agencies that he’s responsible to. If this heats up, some of these bottom feeders may well decide that it’s time to put self reservation first, especially if the Senate signals a blood lust for sacrificial lambs.

These are just some of the things to watch for in the next couple of weeks but it should be plenty. The House committees are going to want to strike while the iron is hot, and keep momentum going. And the longer that they hammer these miscreants, the harder they make it for them to catch their breath and form a defense. But strap in, because it’s gonna be ne helluva ride. Don’t touch that dial.

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the leaves are starting to fall from the nut trees because all of these squirrels are bouncing on the branches trying to figure out what to do, this is going to be fun to watch!!! Can’t wait for part deux !!!