“some say” Trumpism wanes at Sturgis bike rally

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So there’s a pro-Trump op-ed in the WSJ that does a superficial treatment on both biker culture and Trumpism, and some mutual disinformation about what the dominant political ideology could be at Sturgis’s annual biker rally week.

The reality could simply be that other than obvious groups like “Bikers for Trump” there isn’t really a actual, deep ideological support for Trump among bikers, if a half million people are a reasonable example. The reality is that in a subculture that privileges individualism and grouped non-conformity, MAGA hats are déclassé.

It’s always a problem trying to generalize on a broad demographic that is not mods and rockers. YMMV, since Twitter is not a good measure because of the troll-bots.

Although there were fewer fatalities than last year in Sturgis, drug arrests mainly meth-related were nearly double. Apparently there were more vendors than last year, which is actually a bad sign if attendance was flat over the ten days.

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Mick owens
Mick owens

Bikers for trump, bigger fkn idiots than he is