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Here are some reactions of notable pundits and luminaries from twitter-world to the hate-fest called the republican national convention (RepCon). Some just point out the truth in bare terms, others use biting humor to get the point across. All agree that this was boring and unhinged.

Yep, this is #PutinsGOPConvention

With themes picked up from Nazi Germany –

And China and North Korea –

Here is a quick summary of the night –

A slightly longer summary –


Even David Brooks gets it –

That’s ‘cuz trump supporters cannot read.

Paul Krugman predicted the scare-mongering. So did everyone else.

republicans are not very creative, or have you noticed?

Is this convention too evil even for Fox?

Or are they trying to spice it up?

A fact-check projection –

Everything is aimed at Les Déplorables.

trump still trying to unload that stash of HCQ –

It’s boring … for anyone with a brain.

Republicans don’t do fashion. Or intelligence. Or humor. Or …

Bar talk.

Watching Nazi propaganda while drinking cool-aid?

Trivia from Lawrence O’Donnell –

I will have to Google that –

Kimberly Guilfoyle was yelling at empty chairs.

While Don. Jr. looked angry, weird and scary –

Some analysis of Don Jr’s teary eyes –

A more literary description –

Here is an alternate convention on YouTube, one about founding principles –

A word from trump’s former fixer-upper. There are plenty more in the pipeline.

It’s our job to make sure it doesn’t work.

In any case, let’s stay focused on our task ahead — not letting trump steal the election. GOTV.

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