Some Facts, Advice, Videos, URLs and Self Care Preparation for the COVID19 Virus

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I am not a medical professional.  The information I am adding here is how I stay calm.  I like to be prepared for the worst, and expect the best.  It is how I remain stress free.   Stress can be a killer… so don’t panic.  The disease is not yet a problem in North America, but it may well become so.

Do NOT listen to tRUMP or his administration loyal minions.  They have already shown themselves to be totally unreliable and caring about the stock market before the people.   (As a matter of fact, this could be a way to  reconnect with MAGA family and friends and show them YOU care about them, not tRUMP…JUST A THOUGHT!  Give them the gift of facts and truth)

I am going to add the CDC site and the WHO site, as they are reputable information sources that are updated often, but I will add more URLs later as well.  Both have information and videos to keep you informed.

I am a senior.  I have autoimmune diseases.  I smoked for the first half of my life.  I have scars on my lungs from an acute fungal infection.  I also am from a family that gets pneumonia and bronchial pneumonia before most and my dad died of pneumonia.  I am telling you this becauseI am going to be this virus’s main target, and one of the least likely to survive because of that and yet,  I am calm … and will remain calm.  How?

Staying informed for one.   (I have more later)  See that picture above?  That is the virus.   Its job is to replicate.   And it needs a host to do it.  So your job is to not provide it one.  It is fortunately a large droplet virus.  That means it can’t stay airborne for long and that’s a good thing.

You want to stay away from people who are sick, avoid crowds and if you are sick,  stay home.   The URLS I give you will continue to have more updated info, so I will just add a few points.

Corona-viruses can live on surfaces for 9 days, according to German scientists.  Viruses can mutate and change their genetic structure, so that’s why reading updates will be important.      That is why washing your hands is so important at all times … to prevent colds and flu and viruses like this one.

Wash your hands before and after the toilet, when coming in from outside, before eating or preparing food, before touching your eyes, nose or mouth.   Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and do both sides, and between fingers.  (Sing happy birthday twice or do ABCs for children AND adults)

Wash fruits and vegetable thoroughly before using.

Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at your desk, in the car and and a few at home.  (I buy a large one and fill small containers for travel, or, make homemade wipes and place in plastic bags to keep in my coat pocket.  In flu season …  its a good habit)   Alcohol is an irritant, so whenever possible  it is preferable to wash well with soap and running water.

Cough into layered Kleenex/tissues and dispose of in enclosed containers.

The incubation period for this disease to become symptomatic can be 4-5, but up 10-14 days. Transmission is known to be from droplets, sputum, so wearing a mask helps protect others from  droplets.  (Masks are not 100% effective so staying home when sick is better for all)

*Sneezing and coughing are currents means of transmission, as it close proximity (family) and touching  communal areas.  So, keeping bathrooms and counters clean is good hygienic practice at all times, but even more so in flu season.  Disinfect communal surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, hand rails and toilet areas.

All original patients had pneumonia, most had a fever, three-quarters were coughing and more than half had trouble breathing.   Very few had runny noses, sneezing* or sore throats.    A fever, coughing and difficulty breathing are signs you will need to see a doctor.

Here are more URLS:

Dr Mike talks about the Coronavirusand common sense



This is an invaluable site.  John Hopkins has made a chart and map of the number of world wide cases, deaths and  those who recovered, HERE  They update it 2 to 4 times daily.   To use the interactive map, click on the colour red, white or green numbers, or click on the left side for countries /regions to take you to a specific spot on the map.  The lower right  shows the numbers in charts, and the daily increase is heartening, being it shows that the recoveries are rising quickly.  Their Data sources: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXY

VIDEO:  How to wear a mask.  Proper use: white side in to absorb, blue outside as it is water proof.  Hard strip on top to pinch to nose until it stays in place  …   place elastic over ears, then pull bottom down under the chin.

And here I come to the part that may frighten people.  I don’t want to do that, because the virus is not spiking in North America and you really need not feel panicky about it.  Everyone could get the disease.  It is the recovery that is the problem.  A lot of people are recovering in spite of no vaccine being available yet, but the already sick and elderly are having more difficulty in recovering.   Scientists and medical staff are trying different new and old medicines to try to alleviate symptoms, and some people respond well.

if you are feeling panicky skip the next 3 paragraphs.

If you are older, a smoker, have immune deficiencies, or weak lungs, you will be more susceptible to the disease and subsequent pneumonia and have more difficulty recovering.   You need to be especially careful to prevent getting it.   Stay 6 to 10 feet away from anyone coughing.  If the virus does start spreading in North America, wear a high grade mask when you are out.

Some patients have developed acute respiratory distress syndrome.  Death seems to be from acute stress called a cytokine storm, overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs.  Prevention is necessary… as there is as of yet no vaccine.   Everyone else needs to use caution, but you need to be more diligent.  Have a routine and follow the best hygienic practices without being  fanatic or stressing.    Make sure you stock up (not horde) on daily care items so you can stay home and isolate yourself for awhile if need be.   And get medical help if you develop difficulty in breathing  and/or fever.

This fellow talks about the virus and trials  of medicines in China, and can be a little frenetic,  but his info about the virus was valuable.  Watch it on a good day with no stress.   Not today.  People are too stressed today.  With the “president” and his incompetent staff saying one thing  and the CDC another, that is a pretty stressful situation.  Stay calm.  Stay informed via reputable sources and take good care of YOU!   VIDEO


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Most unfortunate the President and other elected federal officials cannot be recalled by the people


Excellent diary. Thank You. To wash your hands properly do as follows. Turn on faucets. Soap up hands. Sing Happy Birthday, ABC’s as above, & rinse. DO NOT TOUCH THE FAUCETS AGAIN WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. Get paper towels & dry your hands. Discard. Get another paper towel & turn off faucets. Discard. Get another paper towel & open restroom door to exit. Discard. When you get home wash your hands again.