Digby posted this Axios article about evangelical pastors — at least some — raising the alarm about the effects of Qanon on their members.

QAnon infects churches

Isn’t that a lovely analogy.  It seems so COVID-19.  Oh yeah, evangelical pastors don’t seem to be believe in viruses anymore.

But I digress.

QAnon conspiracy theories have burrowed so deeply into American churches that pastors are expressing alarm — and a new poll shows the bogus teachings have become as widespread as some denominations.

Why it matters: The problem with misinformation and disinformation is that people — lots of people — believe it. And they don’t believe reality coming from the media and even their ministers.

Russell Moore, one of America’s most respected evangelical Christian thinkers, told me he’s “talking literally every day to pastors, of virtually every denomination, who are exhausted by these theories blowing through their churches or communities.”

  • “Several pastors told me that they once had to talk to parents dismayed about the un-Christian beliefs of their grown children,” Moore added. But now, the tables have turned.

That stunning window into the country’s congregations followed a major poll, out last week: 15% of Americans, the poll found, agree with the QAnon contention that “the government, media, and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.”

Granted, it is from an online poll.  Yes, take the usual caveats.  But Qanon fuckers were a part of the Jan 6th insurrection, so let’s not quibble about statistics for now.

As others have stated earlier on DK, Qanon is a cult, and like the more successful cults, it’s morphing into a religion.  Whatever solace or psychological/emotional needs that Qanon satifies for its deluded followers, it is now competing with the evangelical movement.  And white evangelicals were already an intolerant bunch when it comes to “The Word.”

And it appears to be the white and latino evangelicals who are being infected with Qanon at a higher rate.

The poll found that Hispanic Protestants (26%) and white evangelical Protestants (25%) were more likely to agree with the QAnon philosophies than other groups. (Black Protestants were 15%, white Catholics were 11% and white mainline Protestants were 10%.)

I can’t really explain why Latinos who are evangelical buy into Qanon.  I believe that the white evangelicals are drawn to the anti-Semitism in Qanon. Others have already done a good job of pointing out the anti-Semitism in Qanon.

Anyway, it appears that at least one historian — Kristin Du Mez — states that evangelical pastors have only themselves to blame for the growth of Qanon in their ranks.  According to Du Mez, evangelical leaders have been gleefully attacking the Media for decades.  And it worked.  Evangelical christians do not believe anything from the so called mainstream media anymore.  And now, they are starting to turn from their leaders, at least according to this article.

I cannot verify that because I don’t go to an evangelical church.  And in a return slap to evangelical leaders, I don’t believe anything that white evangelicals have to say.  Most of their followers voted for Trump, so fuck ‘em.  

Yes, we need everyone to combat Qanon.  But it is going to be difficult to feel much empathy for those in the evangelical movement because they helped create this monster we all have to deal with now.

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